How To Beat Anubis Rex in Pac-Man World Re-Pac (Boss Fight)

To beat Anubis Rex in Pac-Man World Re-Pac the player needs to be very careful. There are many things to attack Pac-Man and not very many opportunities to gain life back. This battle also requires Pac-Man to beat the boss in only one life, losing a life results in starting the battle all over. It is a difficult feat despite being only the second boss fight in the game.

In this remake of Pac-Man World, gamers get a slew of new abilities, mazes, and graphics to enjoy. It also allows the player to unlock the original mode to play classic Pac-Man. For those who enjoy classic games, Pac-Man World Re-Pac is perfect. Applying modern gameplay to an older game allows new gamers to enjoy an old classic. The remake even makes some aspects of the original easier, such as adding floor tiles to the Anubis boss that connect the platforms. This is very useful considering the floor tiles drop out as the player progresses in the fight.


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When going into the fight with Anubis Rex, the player needs to have mastered the hover jump, the dot throw, and maneuvering around dangerous territory. When floor tiles drop and there are many things attacking Pac-Man, all of these skills are life-saving. Where there are three stages to beating the Krome Keeper boss later in Pac-Man World Re-Pac, and there are four stages to fighting Anubis Rex. The stages don't include the pre-boss fight run through the temple. With each stage the fight gets even harder, introducing new things for Pac-Man to evade while defeating the boss. Perhaps the biggest difficulty is the fact that life-replenishing rewards are very few and hard to get without damaging Pac-Man. To win this boss fight, Pac-Man needs to rev-roll on all four havilators until there are no connections to Anubis. Once all four are down, Pac-Man can go up to Anubis and shoot him with a dot to injure him and advance to the next stage.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac: Defeating Anubis Rex

Anubis Rex Battle Pac-Man World Re-Pac

In the second stage, Anubis gets a new ability to punch the ground and pull three fireballs up from the lava. In the remake, good 3D platform gameplay and new graphics make quick moves much easier than the 1999 original. As long as the player moves out of the way soon enough, they aren’t too big of a concern. Anubis is also able to shoot two fireballs at a time at Pac-Man, generally doing so after a connection has been broken. Stage three gives Anubis the ability to throw the whirlwinds seen earlier in Pac-Man World Re-Pac, as well as increasing the number of fireballs from the lava to four. The best way to handle the whirlwinds is to wait towards the top of the map until they’re relatively close and then jump towards the closer end of the map, evading their path entirely.

The fourth and final stage opens with Anubis firing a power beam from his crown, much like the King Galaxian boss fight power beam. The beam is very difficult to make sure that Pac-Man isn’t in range of, but it also takes up some of Anubis’ time giving the player a small reprieve to take down a havilator. In this stage, there are also two whirlwinds that come from Anubis, and he shoots two fireballs more frequently. If the player can successfully evade all the enemies, the fireballs, the whirlwinds, and the power beams they can take down all four havilator connections. Once Anubis Rex opens up for the final shot, Pac-Man has to beat the second (or third, depending on player choice) boss in Pac-Man World Re-Pac.