How Daniella’s Quarantine Affects Joseph Baena’s Success On DWTS

Dancing With The Stars professional dancer Daniella Karagach's recent quarantine away from the ballroom may ultimately affect her partner, Joseph Baena's overall success on the show. Daniella tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, September 26. Since she tested positive, she was not able to perform in the ballroom alongside Joseph during Elvis Night.

Daniella's DWTS season 31 partner Joseph is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the two had instant chemistry at the start of the season. This is Daniella's third season as a pro dancer on the show. During her first DWTS season in 2020, Daniella came shy of winning the Mirror Ball Trophy when she and her partner Nelly came in third place. Then, last year during her second season competing, Daniella took home her first Mirror Ball Trophy alongside celebrity partner Iman Shumpert.


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It is evident that Daniella has a history of making it far on DWTS, but her and Joseph's success this season may be in danger. After DWTS's Daniella tested positive for COVID-19, she has been forced to quarantine since Monday, September 25. Luckily, Daniella is asymptomatic; however, she is still taking all precautions to keep everyone in the ballroom safe, including her partner. Since Daniella was not able to perform during this week's live episode, Alexis Warr stepped in, a troop dancer on DWTS. In a matter of hours, Joseph had to relearn the entire dance with someone he had never danced with before. Now, with Daniella still in quarantine, he will be rehearsing and possibly performing with Alexis until Daniella is cleared.

Joseph Baena Has A Disadvantage On DWTS

Dancing With the Stars Season 31 Elvis Night performers onstage

Although Joseph and Alexis scored 24 points during Elvis Night on DWTS, he's going to have to work twice as hard in the coming days. With Joseph now rehearsing with a brand-new partner, he has a slight disadvantage in the competition. He is comfortable with Daniella, who was injured on the DWTS tour, and her teaching styles, and now he has to readapt to dancing with and learning from someone new. For the time being, Joseph is in the same position as he was when he first met Daniella. With every dancer having their own teaching style, there is a chance Joseph may not learn as easily from Alexis as he does with Daniella. Should his original DWTS partner return in time for the next live episode, Joseph will once again have to readjust to dancing with her rather than Alexis.

Luckily for the dancing duo, Joseph shocked everyone during Elvis night when he managed to take the lead while dancing with Alexis for the first time. He impressed both his partner at home and the judges in the ballroom. So much so, he survived the second elimination of the season. Here's hoping Daniella is cleared to return to DWTS before the next live episode.