His Dark Materials Season 3 Images Show Ethereal Angels & Asriel's Return

New images from His Dark Materials season 3 tease James McAvoy's return and the first look at the show's take on angels. Adapted from Phillip Pullman's high fantasy series of the same name, the show stars Dafne Keen as Lyra, a young girl who finds herself on a multiversal adventure in a world where human souls exist as animals called daemons. Alongside Keen, His Dark Materials packs an all-star cast, with McAvoy starring as the ruthless Lord Asriel and Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda playing Lyra's aëronaut friend, Lee Scoresby.


While His Dark Materials has remained true to Pullman's deep and expansive fantasy world throughout its run, season 3 promises to be the most out there yet. The show will look to adapt The Amber Spyglass, the third book in the trilogy, which wraps up Lyra's story while introducing a myriad of new creatures and characters. While teased at the end of His Dark Materials season 2, perhaps the most important of these new faces is the show's angels, with rebel angels Balthamos and Baruch establishing themselves as critical players in Lyra's endgame.

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An angel in His Dark Materials season 3
Full angel in His Dark Materials season 3
James McAvoy as Lord Asriel in His Dark Materials season 3
Stelmaria and Lord Asriel in His Dark Materials season 3

For those speculating just how the angels would make it to the screen, EW has shared images showing the winged beings in their full glory. While described in the books as beings of light, the angels on His Dark Materials appear to be sporting ghostly, see-through bodies, complete with piercing white eyes. Alongside the ethereal angels, two other images show McAvoy back in full force as Asriel alongside his deamon Stelmaria.

Why His Dark Materials Season 3 Will Be Wildest Yet

His Dark Materials showrunner Jane Tranter and her team have clearly thought long and hard about just how to approach one of season 3's biggest hurdles. It's a challenge they appear to have overcome, as the first look at the heavenly beings demonstrates an exceptionally well-realized vision. It's not, however, the only issue for the crew, with the third book introducing a myriad of weird and wonderful creations. Fans have yet to see how His Dark Materials season 3 will also approach a species of wheeled sentient beings called the Mulefa, but with the handling of the angels off to a strong start, it appears the stranger parts of Pullman's adventure will make it to screen without a hitch. Due to all these odd creatures, His Dark Materials will reach a new level of wildness for audiences to enjoy.

Pullman's books never quite reached the dizzying heights of its contemporaries, but His Dark Materials has served as an exceptionally well-realized adaptation of an underrated fantasy series. The show has already avoided many of the mistakes made in 2007's The Golden Compass, and it's mostly down to the show refusing to stray away from including some of Pullman's more left-field topics.That's about to increase with season 3. While the angels tick all the boxes so far, it's also exciting to see McAvoy back in action after being missing for much of season 2, giving His Dark Materials every chance to establish itself as a screen classic when it premieres this December.

Source: EW