Hemsworth's Extraction 2 Action Scenes Beat Anything The MCU's Thor Did

Extraction 2's behind-the-scenes trailer promises action scenes rivaling Extraction, and it also proves how Chris Hemsworth's stunts beat anything the actor did as Thor in the MCU. Set to be released on Netflix in 2023, the TUDUM event of September 24 provided an exclusive first look into what's to be expected from Extraction 2. Although Extraction ambiguously ended with Tyler shot and lost after falling in the river, Extraction 2 brings the black-ops mercenary back to extract the family of a Georgian gangster from a prison where they're being held.


Despite being more famous for his role as Thor in the MCU, Hemsworth's work has recently spanned various genres. From Hemsworth's comedic cameo in Netflix's action-adventure Interceptor to his villainous central role in Spiderhead, Hemsworth certainly worked tirelessly not to be known only as the Avengers' Asgardian hero Thor. With the extraordinaire action shots and the fact that Hemsworth did most of his stunts, 2020's Extraction stunned watchers, and it also offered the Australian star the chance to potentially be part of another lucrative franchise entirely unrelated to the more family-friendly MCU.

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After all, Extraction had already proved to make better use of Hemsworth as an action star. The action thriller had anything an action film aficionado could have wished for, from spectacular car chases to intricate group fights and, more generally, pure, unadulterated action. However, despite being involved in plenty of fights, MCU's Thor works better as a comedic hero rather than an action one. Thor's battles were often quite scenic, but Hemsworth's Thor was never involved in incredible, stunt-filled fights like other actors in MCU films would. Extraction 2 builds up on anything impressive already done in Extraction, with director Sam Hargrave promising to push it further with a sequence "more intricate and more extreme than before." As the Extraction 2 behind-the-scenes teaser trailer hints at big fights and chases involving helicopters landing on moving trains, it will undoubtedly surpass any action scene Hemsworth's Thor was ever involved in.

Extraction Is Hemsworth's Best Franchise Hope Outside Of Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2.

Although Hemsworth contributed to many action-adventures movies, including 2019's Men in Black: International, 2024's Mad Max prequel Furiosa, and 2022's Interceptor and Spiderhead, Extraction remains the best franchise option for Hemsworth except for his Thor role in the MCU. Not only did Netflix report 99 million views in its opening month, but Extraction also elevated the genre with a 12-minutes one-shot action scene. Extraction's success made Extraction 2 possible, and it also offered Hemsworth the chance to showcase his acting and stunt abilities in a genre that his career is obviously veering toward, as his many action roles between 2020 and 2022 proved. Extraction is Hemsworth's best franchise hope outside of Thor not only because it's a success commercially but also because Extraction 2 trying to outdo Extraction's already extreme action scenes truly proves the cast and crew's dedication to bringing the movie to new highs.

TUDUM's teaser trailers only offered a glimpse of what Extraction 2 might offer to action fans. However, it could already be seen from the trailers how Extraction 2 tries to outdo Extraction's intense, over-the-top action scenes. Whichever way the action scenes turn out to be, Extraction 2 is already on par to be the best Hemsworth action performance to date, outdoing MCU's Thor in every way.