Hawkeye's True Superpower Is His Attitude

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Avengers #60

In the latest Avengers tie-in to A.X.E: Judgment Day, Hawkeye reveals his true superpower which truly is a necessity when his main weapon is a bow and arrow. With the entire world facing the judgment of the Progenitor Celestial, the cosmic being has been visiting various heroes and giving its individual rulings. Now, this new issue reveals Clint Barton's encounter with the Celestial (though he's pretty much over the whole thing).


Recently in the Marvel Universe, Hawkeye has become the new leader of the Thunderbolts, reformed and sanctioned by the city of New York and its new mayor Luke Cage. As such, Clint is still settling into his new role when he's approached by Black Widow in the new Avengers #60 by Mark Russell, Greg Land, and Jay Leisten. However, Hawkeye is perceptive enough to realize that this Black Widow is more than she appears, rather than being the real Natasha he knows.

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In the new issue of Avengers, Clint sits down with "Natasha" who confirms that she is indeed the Progenitor Celestial, making its rounds to judge the world both on an individual and collective basis. Rather than being intimidated or displaying some sort of reverence to one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, Clint is more preoccupied with his burger while also questioning the arbitrary metrics of any living being who decides they can pass judgment over another, especially if they're self-appointed standards. As such, Barton's passive attitude is very humorous, though it really is the only temperament and outlook one can have in the Marvel Universe when all he has is a bow and some arrows (even if he does have really good aim).

Hawkeye's Casual Response To Celestial

Hawkeye's cool and collected demeanor in this issue feels like a natural evolution of his perspective in the MCU's Age of Ultron when the nation of Sokovia took to the sky while filled with an army of Ultron's drones. Having only a bow and arrow, all someone like Clint can do is go with the flow and hope it all works out. While it results in some pretty funny interactions with the Celestial threatening to judge and destroy the entire world, Hawkeye's attitude is rather admirable even as the Celestial pits his worthiness against a literal mailbox.

Interestingly enough, the very fact that Clint Barton decided to question his own worthiness and moral standing in the universe was taken as a sign of growth by the Progenitor, resulting in Hawkeye's passing the Celestial's judgment (for now). As such, it seems as though Clint Barton will continue to do the best he can as a hero be he an Avenger, Thunderbolt, or whatever else he might be in the future. Beyond his bow, Hawkeye's true power is his great attitude and hope that he's headed towards the best possible outcome. Avengers #60 is on sale now.