Gilmore Girls: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Sookie As A Character

Melissa McCarthy shared with E! News that she would love if Lauren Graham or Kelly Bishop starred in season 2 of her Netflix series God's Favorite Idiot. This would be great for Gilmore Girls fans who enjoy seeing the chemistry between these talented actors. McCarthy's character Sookie St. James and Graham's Lorelai Gilmore have many fan favorite scenes talking about love, food, and living in Stars Hollow.

Whether joking around with Lorelai or worrying about becoming a parent, Sookie has many heartfelt Gilmore Girls quotes that explain the kind-hearted, quirky and friendly person that she is.


"Is That Meatloaf? You Use Ketchup?"

Sookie isn't pleased with Luke's cooking

Sookie talks to Luke while making food in her kitchen in Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls fans appreciate Sookie and some of her funniest scenes include when she and Luke Danes banter about each other's cooking. While they share a love of getting creative in the kitchen and feeing people, Sookie and Luke are both stubborn and have certain ideas about how the other person should make their food.

Sookie's hilarious quote proves that she needs to share her opinions when it comes to cooking. While Luke makes comfort food and healthy meals, Sookie likes coming up with a new take on a traditional, beloved dish. Luke and Sookie will never be able to agree on this topic but Sookie is so passionate that she's always going to talk to Luke about what she thinks that he has done wrong.

"You're Going To Chilton! Sorry."

Sookie is excited for RoryLorelai showing Sookie Rory's Chilton letter on Gilmore Girls

Sookie is thrilled when Lorelai brings Rory's Chilton acceptance letter into the Independence Inn kitchen. Sookie is so happy about this big news that when Rory comes in, Sookie blurts it out and then apologizes, realizing that Lorelai would want to be the person to tell Rory that her life is about to change.

From this comment, viewers can see the love and compassion that Sookie has for Rory. Sookie has been there throughout Rory's entire life and has seen her grow up from an adorable bookworm of a child to a serious and studious teenager with big dreams.

"We're Just All Excited About The Possibility Of You And Luke."

Sookie supports Luke and Lorelai getting back together in season 7

Sookie and Lorelai in Lorelai's house on Gilmore Girls

In season 7, the residents of Stars Hollow feel terribly that Luke and Lorelai have been broken up for a while, and Sookie tells Lorelai that she wishes that they would get back together. Lorelai is too hurt about Luke keeping his daughter April Nardini from her and Luke feels overwhelmed by the changes.

With this quote, Sookie shows Lorelai that she's a loyal, kind friend who looks out for her. Sookie wants Lorelai to be happy and feels badly about what has happened. When something goes wrong in Lorelai's life, Sookie feels the emotions strongly as if she's the one going through a terrible heartbreak.

"They're Muffin Tops Because The Muffin Tops Are The Only Parts You Like."

Sookie makes Lorelai a treat in season 7

Sookie and Lorelai standing in the kitchen on Gilmore Girls

Throughout Lorelai's best Gilmore Girls episodes, she shares her quirks, including the many opinions that she has about food. Lorelai dislikes avocado, loves any type of dessert, and as Sookie describes it, only wants to eat the top of the muffin.

This quote says so much about Sookie, from the love that she has for Lorelai to the happiness that she gets from cooking for people. Sookie knows Lorelai so well that she's willing to go to the trouble of baking treats that she will enjoy, even if it takes a bit more effort.

"I've Become Very Nurturing Toward All Living Things. Jackson, Too."

Sookie talks about her season 3 pregnancy

Sookie talking to Lorelai in the kitchen on Gilmore Girls

Sookie's season 3 pregnancy is one of the most significant parts of her character arc as she grows up quickly and looks forward to parenthood. Sookie shares that she has become more compassionate and admits that Jackson has become more warm and caring as well.

Gilmore Girls fans know Sookie as a friendly, welcoming person who thrives on cooking for a crowd at the Independence and Dragonfly Inns and who is always there for Lorelai, whether she needs a shoulder to lean on or a home-cooked dinner. Sookie is looking forward to this big moment in her life and realizes that she is already changing and growing.

"I Make Them Eat Jalapeno Chipotle Cream Sauce. I'm Mommie Dearest."

Sookie is nervous about parenthood

Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too episode on Gilmore Girls staring Lorelai, Sookie, and Jackson

A fan favorite Sookie and Loreali storyline is when they cater a kid's birthday Lord of the Rings-themed birthday party and Sookie makes fancy food that the children aren't into. Sookie worries about being a good mother, which is a relatable concern, and she becomes unsure about whether she'll be able to cook food that her child will enjoy.

While Lorelai is often confident, Sookie worries about a lot of things, from her first date with Jackson to what it will be like when she becomes a parent. Sookie is a realistic character who never pretends to be cool, calm and collected, which is what makes her so likable.

"The Vegetables Are On The Bottom. It's Apocalypse Now, Baby."

Sookie is upset about her fridge being reorganized

Sookie and Jackson in the inn kitchen with produce on Gilmore Girls

While Sookie makes poor business choices on Gilmore Girls, the kitchen is her domain and she loves organizing her fridge most of all. Sookie complains about her fridge being rearranged as this makes it hard for her to get into the groove and feel in control of her environment.

While Sookie is quirky and sometimes seems flaky and light-hearted, she cares a lot about her workspace, and she proves to viewers that she doesn't want anyone coming into her kitchen and messing things up. Sookie might not be detail-oriented in her daily life, but she cares deeply about cooking.

"Oh. Very Serious Face. Jean-Paul Sartre."

Sookie wants to stop joking around when talking to Lorelai

Sookie St. James starts a fire with her culinary torch at Rory's Chilton bake sale in Gilmore Girls

Sookie is always a hilarious character as she is bubbly and warm, and her funniest quotes are often when she's going back and forth with Lorelai. Sookie begins chatting about Jim Carrey movies and when Lorelai asks her to be mature, Sookie agrees and then mentions the famously serious French playwright.

Sookie often gets distracted when talking to someone as she's enthusiastic about so many things, and in this funny scene, she proves that she can't stop making jokes, as she sees the world in a silly and colorful way.

"He Said My Risotto Was Fine."

Sookie is devastated in season 1 about her magic risotto

Sookie holding the magic risotto outside a food critic's house on Gilmore Girls

In the season 1 episode "The Deer Hunters," Sookie serves a food critic the risotto that she calls "magic" because she gave it to her sick mom and her mom lived a longer time than doctors had believed she would. When the critic doesn't compliment or praise it, Sookie is upset and brings it to the critic's house with a glass of wine.

This is one of Sookie's best Gilmore Girls scenes and it shows that she's a sensitive, warm-hearted character who believes strongly in what she does. For Sookie, her food is personal and she wants to make sure that everyone is having a positive experience eating her meals.

"I'm Not 'Sookie.' I'm 'Sookie B.F.O.T.B.'"

Sookie is excited about Luke and Lorelai's engagement

Sookie and Lorelai getting ready and talking on Gilmore Girls

Sookie tells Luke that she's the Best Friend Of The Bride, which allows her to share opinions and help Lorelai through the ups and downs of the experience. While Lorelai is happy to be engaged, Sookie just might be even more thrilled about the good news.

Sookie is such a good friend to Lorelai that she always shares in her happiness, and this quote is significant since it takes Lorelai and Luke years to follow through with their wedding. Sookie is there every step of the way and celebrates every big moment that Lorelai goes through.

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