Game Of Thrones: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Catelyn As A Character

House of the Dragon continues one of the major themes of Game of Thrones which was characters torn between family and power. In Game of Thrones, perhaps the only character who always put family above all else was Catelyn Stark. As the matriarch of House Stark, Catelyn was a loving mother and wife who would do anything to protect her children.

Catelyn is a somewhat underrated character on the show, but some of her most memorable lines speak to why she deserves more appreciation. They reveal her protective nature, her motivation behind certain decisions, and her killer instinct all of which define her.


10 "I Have Five Children, And Only One Of Them Is Free."

Catelyn Stark - Season 2, Episode 8

Catelyn-Stark in a fur in Game-of-Thrones

Catelyn certainly makes some questionable decisions on the show, just like the rest of House Stark. One of her most frustrating ones was allowing Jaime Lannister, Robb Stark's most valuable prisoner to go free.

When Robb confronts her about this betrayal, Catelyn explains that she did it to get Sansa and Arya back who she believes are both being held by the Lannisters. Her heartbreaking explanation of what has become of her children shows the kind of desperation that would lead to such a decision.

9 "I'll Say, 'Listen Fatman, You're Not Taking My Husband Anywhere.'"

Catelyn Stark - Season 1, Episode 1

Ned and Catelyn Stark smiling together in Game of Thrones

Though they don't get much screen time together before they are torn apart, Catelyn and Ned Stark make for one of the favorite couples on Game of Thrones. They appear as stoic leaders of Winterfell, but when they have some time alone together, their love is undeniable.

After Robert Baratheon offers Ned the position of Hand of the King, the couple talk about the decision in their bed-chamber. Catelyn jokes about insulting and turning down Robert if he tries to take Ned. It is a rare light moment they share while also showing Catelyn's need to keep her family together.

8 "You Came Back A Year Later With Another Woman's Son."

Catelyn Stark - Season 1, Episode 2

Catelyn Stark looking sad in Game-of-Thrones

As much as Ned and Catelyn love each other, there are some darker moments in their marriage. Before the events of the show, Ned went to war along with Robert and returned with Jon Snow who he claimed was his bastard son.

Though the truth about Jon Snow's parents would later be revealed, Catelyn never got over this. As someone who holds family so dear to her, she was devastated by the apparent betrayal. It led to her developing a deep resentment of Jon which would shape his life.

7 "My Son Is Fighting A War, Not Playing At One."

Catelyn Stark - Season 2, Episode 3

Catelyn-Stark standing in front of an army in Game-of-Thrones

Several female characters in Game of Thrones defy the societal conventions for them and seek to hold positions of power. Catelyn does not have those ambitions, but she is also not afraid to put anyone in their place if necessary, especially in honor of her family.

When Catelyn visits Renly Baratheon to form an allegiance between him and Robb, she finds them participating in a tourney. When Loras Tyrell questions why Robb didn't come himself, Catelyn snaps back with this vicious insult that puts Loras in his place.

6 "I Wonder, How Many Times Bran Or Rickon Stare Across The Moors Of Winterfell Waiting For Me To Return?"

Catelyn Stark - Season 3, Episode 3

Catelyn Stark looking concerned in Game of Thrones

There are so many tragic characters on Game of Thrones, but it is hard for fans' hearts not to break for Catelyn. She is someone who cherishes family above all else and gradually sees it all fall apart.

Following her father's death, Catelyn remembers being a child and waiting for her father to return home from war or his journeys. She then breaks down as she wonders if her young sons did the same and continually see that she will not return for them.

5 "Your Mother Is Less In Need Of Rescue Than Any Woman I've Ever Met."

Talisa - Season 3, Episode 9

Catelyn Stark and Brynden Tully at The Red Wedding

Catelyn Stark may not be a great warrior, but she is someone who can stand up for herself in just about any situation. She has a strong will, intense bravery, and enough confidence to face any challenge.

While at Edmure's wedding, Robb sees that Catelyn has been left alone with Roose Bolton and remarks that he should rescue her. But Talisa insists Catelyn Stark is not someone who needs rescuing. This strength is something that can be equally seen in Catelyn's daughters.

4 "We Have To Get The Girls Back And Then We Will Kill Them All."

Catelyn Stark - Season 1, Episode 10

Catelyn Stark looking into the distance in Game of Thrones

As much as Catelyn is a loving mother who would much rather stay isolated in the North with her family. She also understands the world she lives in. When her family is attacked, the fury and vengeance inside of her are shown.

Following the sad death of Ned Stark, Robb angrily vows to kill all the Lannisters. Showing her calmness and reasonability, she reminds Robb that her sisters are their prisoners and need to be saved. But she also makes it clear that they will pay their enemies back for this.

3 "If You Lose, Your Father Dies, Your Sisters Die, We Die."

Catelyn Stark - Season 1, Episode 8

Catelyn Stark looking concerned in Game-of-Thrones

While Catelyn has certainly made some bad errors on the show, she is perhaps one of the more rational members of House Stark. She is filled with passion, but she also takes a very grounded look at the situations and what needs to be done.

Though Robb Stark is the oldest of the Stark children, he is still a young man when he chooses to lead an army. Instead of comforting him and telling him it will be okay, Catelyn gives him the hard truth about what is a steak, motivating him in just the right way.

2 "If You Were Sons Of Mine, I Would Knock Your Heads Together And Lock You In A Bedchamber Until You Remembered That You Were Brothers."

Catelyn Stark - Season 2, Episode 4

Catelyn-Stark with a shawl in-Game-of-Thrones

If Westeros had more mothers like Catelyn Stark calling the shots, it would likely have been a much more peaceful place. Though she is ready for war, she also tries to talk sense into people, hoping to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Catelyn is present at the peace talks between Stannis Baratheon and Renly Baratheon which quickly turn sour. Catelyn is not shy about stepping into her mother role and calling out the childish behavior of these two adult brothers.

1 "On My Honor As A Tully. On My Honor As A Stark. Let Him Go, Or I Will Cut Your Wife's Throat!"

Catelyn Stark - Season 3, Episode 9

Catelyn-Stark holding Frey's wife and screaming at the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones

The Redding Wedding still remains perhaps the most devasting moment in the show's history. A lot of the anguish from the scene comes from Catelyn's desperation as she holds onto some unrealistic hope that Robb can still escape with his life.

Her final moments show just how far Catelyn is willing to go in order to save her family. With no other options, she holds a blade to the wife of Walder Frey and demands Robb be allowed to leave. When Frey kills Robb anyway, she follows through with her promise, killing the innocent wife and giving up as she has lost everything.

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