Frozen’s Idina Menzel Has Very Awkward Talks With Disney Parks’ Elsa & Anna

Idina Menzel describes her strange interactions with the Disney theme park versions of Frozen's Elsa and Anna. Menzel is the voice of the iconic Elsa in both Frozen and Frozen 2. As Elsa, she is the voice behind both the original and sequels two most iconic songs: “Let It Go” and “Into the Unknown.” In addition to performing the songs in the Frozen films, Menzel has performed the songs on stages across the world, including the Oscars, when each song was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. “Let It Go” won the award, but “Into the Unknown” lost out to Rocketman’s “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.”


Though it has been three years since the world has seen a new Frozen film, the franchise has nonetheless been a topic of conversation in Disney news. The huge success of both Frozen and Frozen 2 have fueled numerous rumors about Frozen 3. Disney has not confirmed this rumor, though stars such as Kristen Bell have hinted that Frozen 3 may be in development. Both Bell and Menzel have expressed enthusiasm towards starring as Anna and Elsa, respectively, again if Disney were to make a Frozen 3. Even without a Frozen 3 officially in the pipeline, the franchise remains one of Disney's most popular, especially at the theme parks.

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Menzel reveals in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon just how awkward her interactions with the Elsa and Anna Disney World characters are. During the interview, Fallon asked Menzel if she had ever been to Disney. Menzel went on to describe her experience trying to “just be cool” around the Elsas and Annas when she goes to Disney and undoubtedly is asked for a photo opp. She has tried to act natural and friendly around the actresses playing Frozen's Elsa and Anna in the park, saying things like “you must be so hot in your costume” and asking whether they would want to go out for drinks later. In response, however, these actresses stay in their characters as they are required to by Disney. Menzel’s full hilarious telling is below:

“I love to go to Disney. It’s just sometimes they make me do a photo opp with the Elsas and the Annas, you know. But it’s really uncomfortable for me, because I want to talk to them, like I know they’re probably, it’s a day job, and they’re aspiring actresses, you know. So I try to just be cool and I say like ‘Hey, it’s really hot here. You must be so hot in that costume.’ And Elsa’s always like ‘Yes, it’s very hot here in Arendelle.’ They have to stay [in character] or they get fired. And I’m always, I’m not not trying to break them, I just, I want to be cool, you know. I’ll be like ‘you want to go for a drink later after this?’ And they’re like ‘Olaf’s a little underage for drinking.’ I’m just like, forget it!”

Is Menzel Generating Further Hope for Frozen 3?

Frozen 2 Elsa and Olaf

Likely, some of Menzel’s description of this interaction is a bit embellished. While the Olaf comment is hilarious, that seems like a pretty well-thought-out quip for the Disney World actors, who probably see hundreds if not thousands of people every day, to think of when suddenly confronted with Idina Menzel. Nonetheless, it is amusing to imagine these exchanges between Menzel and the Frozen theme park characters. In her efforts to play it cool, it seems Menzel just caused a more awkward interaction between her and the actresses.

Menzel’s interview gives more attention to Frozen, perhaps further adding to the hope of Frozen 3. Through this Disney anecdote, Menzel draws extra attention to Frozen and the attention that she gets from it. Her gleeful recount of the uncomfortable interactions at the Disney parks further indicates that Menzel would be happy working on another Frozen film. Time will tell as the Frozen 3 rumors continue and Disney continues to announce what upcoming films they have in development.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon