Frank Grillo Gets Intel On Dolph Lundgren In Operation Seawolf [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant can exclusively present a new clip from the upcoming World War II film Operation Seawolf, which arrives in theaters and On Demand October 7, and on digital on October 25. Written and directed by Steven Luke, the story takes its inspiration from a real-life wartime operation employed by the Germans on water near the end of the war as well as the Allied response. Dolph Lundgren stars as Captain Hans Kessler, who is tasked with the project, and Frank Grillo stars as Commander Race Ingram, who must prevent it.


Hans Kessler serves in the Kriegsmarine navy on the side of the Germans, but he does not necessarily align himself with the beliefs of the Nazi Party and in fact tries to express his disdain. Despite this, he chooses to remain loyal to his country and man the German U-boat fleet of submarines. This battle on water sees strong opposition in the form of American sea strength. Aside from Grillo, Hiram A. Murray plays Captain Samuel L Gravely Jr., who was the first African American in the Navy to serve on a fighting ship (among plenty of other firsts). His heroic story is buoyed by performances from Andrew Stecker, Luke Steinborn, Apostolos Gliarmis, and more.

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Screen Rant's exclusive clip from Operation Seawolf, however, focuses on the intel that must first be gathered before battling on water. Commander Ingram receives the details about the incoming U-boat attack and learns about Captain Kessler and his wolfpack. While contemplating what the right move is, Ingram acknowledges what a dangerous man Kessler could turn out to be. Watch the full clip below:

One thing that's already proving most interesting about Operation Seawolf is the equal attention paid to both sides of the equation, in order to understand the machinations of the Germans' U-boat plans but also their motivations for fighting in a war they don't all believe in—and seeing it through to the end. At the same time, the loyal service and brave acts of American officers such as Ingram and Gravely remain at the forefront of Luke's narrative.

Other recent Shout! Studios releases include the animated adventure Ainbo: Spirit Of The Amazon and the Nordic winter tale Three Wishes For Cinderella, showcasing the studio's wide range when it comes to entertainment. Operation Seawolf, meanwhile, has a runtime of 86 minutes and has not yet been rated.