Flashpoint's Batman Flips The Snyderverse's 'Martha' Moment

This article contains spoilers for Flashpoint Beyond #5

The "Martha" moment in Batman v Superman has become iconic for various reasons, but in the Flashpoint Universe, the name means something else entirely.

Things have been wildly unsettling in the Flashpoint universe for Batman, who is in fact Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas. He knows that the reality he's living in isn't right and is searching for help to change it back. Unfortunately, someone's been killing off anybody that can assist him. Previously, Thomas had to deal with the fact that his wife Martha went crazy after the death of their son. She eventually turned into the Flashpoint's version of the Joker and schemed to release this universe's version of Two-Face, Harvey Dent's wife, from Arkham.


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In Flashpoint Beyond #5 by Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams, Xermanico, and Mikel Janin, Thomas Wayne figures out that his wife Martha had survived his encounter with her and was responsible for all of the killing. He discovers this at the same time that Dexter Dent breaks into Arkham in order to free his mother, which will result in him running in to Martha. While Batman races to Arkham Asylum to confront his wife, he's on the phone with Oswald Cobblepot and telling him about Martha. He even says the phrase, "Martha is the answer," which draws visions of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's infamous "Martha" moment, which stopped Batman and Superman's fight.

flashpoint beyond batman

The flip between this Martha moment and the one in the Snyderverse is that in the film, Martha was a source of light. She was the answer in order to bring Batman and Superman together. However, in the Flashpoint universe, Martha is a source of darkness. Her being the answer merely means that she is the killer and the one responsible for preventing Flashpoint's Batman from bringing the real reality back.

The Flashpoint universe has already established itself as a truly dark and bleak place in comparison to the mainstream DC Universe. But Martha's place in it is especially chilling. For the main Batman, the name Martha evokes love and compassion. Bruce Wayne holds his mother in high regard and her memory is what fuels his crusade against crime in Gotham. The ironic twist in the Flashpoint universe is that it is Bruce's memory that drives his father's crusade against crime, and Martha represents that insane criminality which Batman is trying so hard to undo. There are probably many more secrets for the Flashpoint universe to uncover, but it's hard to imagine a darker one than Martha's twisted relationship to Batman.

Flashpoint Beyond #4 is now available from DC Comics.