FF7 Remake: Developer Interview Confirms Shinra Fan Theory

The developers of Final Fantasy VII Remake have confirmed a fan theory in the game that involves the Shinra Electric Power Company. The new storyline that the FF7 Remake series follows means that FF7 Rebirth has fan theories that need confirmation, but there are still questions about the original game that linger in fans' minds.

One of the most common theories in the fan base involves a connection between the worlds of FF7 and FF10. In FFX-2, a genius boy named Shinra was introduced. At the end of the game, he mentioned that he wants to experiment with using the energy of the Farplane as a source of power. This led to speculation that Shinra would find a way to travel to a new world, where he would form the Shinra Electric Power Company and kick off the events of FF7. The FF7's Lifestream and FFX's Farplane fan theory was eventually confirmed, as the developers of the games discussed the matter in interviews and guides released over the years, but there wasn't anything confirming it within the titles themselves.


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When FF7 Remake launched in 2020, the fans discovered a piece of evidence regarding the Lifestream x Farplane theory. In the Shinra Headquarters, there is an old photo in one of the offices of the Shinra staff, and one of them is wearing the same mask as Shinra from FFX-2. This indicates that even in the new storyline of FF7, Shinra is the same character as the young boy from FFX-2. This FF7 Remake and FFX-2 connection has now been confirmed in an interview with FF7 Remake co-director Naoki Hamaguchi on the official Square Enix website.

Shinra From FFX-2 Was Connected To The Shinra Corporation From FF7

Shinra Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Hamaguchi was asked if the person in the photo was an adult version of Shinra. According to Hamaguchi, the photo was included to fuel fan speculation, and it could also just be an employee dressing like Shinra. This essentially confirms that FFX-2's Shinra is the founder of the company, whether the image depicts an adult Shinra or someone from the company dressing like him for the commemorative photo.

The photo of the person in the Shinra mask is the only reference to the FFX world in FF7 Remake, and it will likely be the only one. Fan theories aside, there is no reason to believe that any elements from FFX will play a role in future games, such as FF7 Rebirth or its sequel. The devs took the opportunity to shout out one of the most popular fan theories in the history of the Final Fantasy series, but it's unlikely that there will be any more information revealed about the history of the Shinra Corporation as it relates to Shinra the character.