Warning: Contains SPOILERS for BrosThe ending of Bros, Universal Pictures’ first romantic comedy to center two gay men, raises discussion of the couple’s future in a way that opens a door to Bros 2. The excitement around the groundbreaking, all-queer cast of Bros could translate into a market for such a sequel. The cast and crew of Bros have been vocal in their praise for Bros as a signal that major studios now recognize the value in queer-centered storytelling.


A major theatre release for Universal, Bros tells the story of two jaded gay men in their forties as they fall in love despite themselves. Bobby Leiber, played by Billy Eichner (who also co-wrote the film), is a physically unassuming podcaster working on the opening of the first LGBTQ+ history museum, while Aaron Shepard (Luke Macfarlane) is a muscular and miserable estate lawyer. In typical rom-com fashion, the two initially try not to become attached and fail miserably, experiencing some uniquely gay challenges along the way. While the film explores some more serious aspects of navigating the world as a gay person, it maintains a sardonically comedic tone throughout, explaining its incredible popularity.

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Bros focused on Bobby and Aaron’s journey from determinedly single people who felt they were not cut out for relationships to a definitively dating couple. The film wraps up with the two having dated for three months and deciding that they are still happy together, spurring a conversation about what they want for their future. The final moments set up a potential challenge for a Bros 2, as Bobby and Aaron express different sentiments regarding having children. Although some concrete details are sketchy, here's what's known about Bros 2.

Will There Be A Bros 2

Bros Movie Billy Eichner as Bobby and Luke Macfarlane as Aaron laughing

A Bros 2 has not yet been confirmed. While Bros could be a standalone movie, the ending sets up a potential for more story by opening a conversation about Bobby and Aaron having children. At a screening for Bros TS Madison said that Bros 2 has already been discussed by Universal Pictures as a possibility if the first Bros movie is successful. This indicates that a follow-up could be on the cards.

What Could Bros 2's Story Be About? (And Why It Should Happen)

bros lgbtq museum board

The Bros movie ending shows Aaron and Bobby feeling good about their relationship but on different pages about whether they want to have kids. Bros 2 can follow their exploration of what it might mean for them to raise children together and how queer families are different, just as queer relationships are. The fact that queer families face unique challenges and often look different from other families is an important topic. Despite better LGBTQ+ representation over time, queer families are not discussed enough in the mainstream media, which could present Bros 2 with a great opportunity.

Bros 2 Release Date Predictions

Billy Eichner as Bobby in Bros Movie
Billy Eichner as Bobby in Bros Movie

Because Bros 2 has not yet been confirmed and is unlikely to be until after the box office performance comes in, no release date for Bros 2 has officially been announced. However, at pre-release screenings of Bros TS Madison stated that Universal Pictures is interested in Bros 2 if Bros does well at the box office. Similar franchises have a two-year window between releases, so if greenlit, Bros 2 could potentially release sometime in 2024, possibly with a holiday release to continue its humorous references to Luke Macfarlane’s roles in gay Christmas film Single All the Way and other Hallmark Christmas movies.