Everything Kathy Hilton Said About RHOBH Castmates During Her Meltdown

Kathy Hilton is accused of slamming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during her meltdown in Aspen, Colorado, and she allegedly said a lot. Kathy has become the most talked about housewife on the show despite only serving in a friend of role. She has become Lisa Rinna's new target after Kathy allegedly had a meltdown in Aspen following a series of snubs. Lisa claims Kathy said foul things about her sister Kyle Richards and the rest of the RHOBH cast.


But Kathy isn't budging while hinting at her brewing feud with Lisa. It's only Kathy's second season on RHOBH, and there are myths the second season is when things get real for new housewives. Things remained "hunky-dory" in RHOBH season 11 when Kathy joined. Her lighthearted remarks helped provide comedic relief to the series. She and Kyle got along well and showed a softer side to their family dynamic. Viewers are familiar with the Richards family drama after watching Kim and Kyle Richards' RHOBH season 1 feud go on for the first five seasons. Kathy has admitted how much she hated watching her sisters fight on national television.

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Now fans are getting a chance to see Kathy and Kyle battle it out on the show. The RHOBH season 12 group trip to Aspen saw Kathy become upset over her tequila being snubbed by the other ladies. Lisa was initially hesitant about providing details about Kathy's rant after being a witness. However, in the September 28 episode, Lisa explained why she felt like Kathy turned into "the devil" during the group trip. In Lisa's confessional, she opened up about what Kathy allegedly said about her sister Kyle, who stirs the pot on RHOBH, and the other ladies. "It was a barrage of, 'I f--king can't believe that I have to be around you f--king peons," Lisa said, as captured by E! News. "I don't like them, why do I have to be with them? They need to go away. They're idiots.'" Lisa also accused Kathy of saying, "I have to do everything around here. This is my show, by the way. I have big deals over at NBC."

Kathy Hilton Allegedly Blasted The Entire RHOBH Cast

Lisa Rinna & Kathy Hilton on The Real Housewives Beverly Hills

Lisa claimed that Kathy boasted about being "protected" by the network, Bravo, and if she wanted to, "I will f--king ruin Kyle," However, Kathy's rant wasn't only against her sister. Lisa claims she also took aim at Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke by calling them "pieces of s--t" who "f--king should be fired." Dorit Kemsley, whose drink request made waves, was also allegedly called out, with Lisa claiming that Kathy blasted her for being "a stupid, useless idiot." Lisa claims that only she and Garcelle were the ones spared from Kathy's verbal tirade against the cast. Viewers thought Kathy was upset after Lisa requested Kendall Jenner's 818 Tequila over her Casa Del Sol, but RHOBH alums like Teddi Mellencamp say Kathy was set off over a Michael Jackson song request.

Viewers saw Kathy apologize to Kyle for the "cruel" things she said during her "temper" tantrum in Aspen. The sisters cried and hugged it out. Nonetheless, Lisa wasn't willing to be so forgiving toward Kathy, who has a connection to Michael Jackson. She wanted the wealthy philanthropist to take more accountability for what she said. RHOBH producers haven't come forward with any footage of Kathy's alleged rant. The Hilton family member likely has a lot more pull than the other ladies think. What's known of Kathy's rant is only coming from Lisa for now, but the truth always comes to light.