Every Performance In Pinocchio (2022), Ranked

Disney has released a new remake of one of their classic animated films in the form of Pinocchio, and it is full of talented actors delivering dedicated performances. Whether someone likes or dislikes the remakes, there is no denying that the cast and crew involved always give it their all.

Each one puts its own stamp on characters and some of them star as brand-new characters, bringing something fresh to the Walt Disney classic. With the likes of Tom Hanks, Luke Evans, and Keegan-Michael Key portraying beloved characters, it's interesting to see how the actors all stack among each other.


10 Lewin Lloyd - Lampwick

Lampwick playing pool on Pleasure Island in Pinocchio (2022)

Far from a bad performance, Lampwick essentially has the same role as he did in the original Pinocchio. He's there to show how bad Pleasure Island is as a place as well as give the viewers the opposite of what Pinocchio is trying to become.

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Lewin Lloyd sticks true to the original with Lampwick having an exaggerated New Yorker accent, portraying Lampwick as a fast-talking delinquent. It's a fun performance that goes a bit deeper when he succumbs to his donkey transformation, adding even more of a horror element to the sequence.

9 Lorraine Bracco - Sofia

Lorraine Bracco as Sofia the seagull talking to Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio (2022)

Known for Mafia-related projects such as Goodfellas and The Sopranos, Lorraine Bracco delivers a fine performance as the sassy seagull Sofia. The character simply does not have that big of a role and is mostly there to help the characters get to certain locations.

Bracco is certainly charming with a few quips that bring some chuckles, never once coming across as a distracting addition to the story. In fact, she has a fun dynamic with Jiminy Cricket since she doesn't eat bugs.

8 Guiseppe Battiston - Stromboli

Guiseppe Battiston as Stromboli taunting Pinocchio in Pinocchio (2022)

Even though the original Stromboli is an effective antagonist, the remake gives a more respectful portrayal by having an Italian actor play the character. Guiseppe Battiston is still equally despicable and cruel to Pinocchio but also to others. Stromboli was never one of the best Disney villains, but Robert Zemeckis clearly respected the original and improved upon it.

Battiston's version of Stromboli is more than some greedy showrunners, as he's abusive to characters such as Sabina. It makes him viler and the performance is hammy just enough to match the fantastical style of the original while providing something new.

7 Cynthia Erivo - The Blue Fairy

Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy talking to Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio (2022)

It's a shame that the Blue Fairy only has one scene because she makes an impact. Cynthia Erivo definitely portrays her in her own way, giving a performance that has a bit more wit and humor while still having a lot of grace, elegance, and charm.

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Erivo really shines with the song When You Wish Upon A Star which is essentially the main Disney theme song. It's a powerful voice that commands the entire scene and gives a welcome rendition of one of the most iconic Disney songs.

6 Luke Evans - The Coachman

Luke Evans as the Coachman in Pinocchio (2022)

Since the Coachman's role is expanded in this remake, Luke Evans has more screen time to shine as this villainous runner of Pleasure Island. He not only has a new song but has even more interactions with Pinocchio on his journey to and on the cursed island.

As a result, Evans brings the same amount of charm and twisted villainy that he brought to Gaston in the remake of Beauty And The Beast. It's easy to see why children fall for his scheme but when he wants to be sinister, he more than delivers.

5 Keegan-Michael Key - Honest John

Keegan-Michael Key as Honest John and Gideon manipulating Pinocchio in the street in Pinocchio (2022)

This is one of the more surprising performances in Pinocchio. Honest John is portrayed just as sly and bombastic as he was in the original with Keegan-Michael Key delivering on the character's fast-talking and scheming rather well. He's definitely a villain but the way Keegan-Michael Key voices him is so charismatic that it's impossible to smile.

Honest John's famous song Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee is also sung by Key and the argument can be made that he sings it even better than the original. It's clear that the actor was having a blast voicing and singing with his voice never losing any energy throughout, stealing every scene he was in.

4 Kyanne Lamaya - Fabiana/Sabina

Kyanne Lamaya as Fabiana befriending Pinocchio in Pinocchio (2022)

Fabiana is one of Stromboli's workers. She wants to be a ballet dancer, but she can't due to her leg brace. In a story where almost every character is mean-spirited towards Pinocchio, Kyanne Lamaya gives a refreshingly sweet performance as Fabiana.

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Lamaya portrays Fabiana as a kind spirit who longs to run her own show, and she technically gives a dual performance, providing a soft French accent to her marionette Sabina, who provides a friend for Pinocchio when he's separated from Jiminy Cricket. The two sides of the character are nothing but sweet, giving a nice break from all the darkness that surrounds Pinocchio on his adventure.

3 Benjamin Evan Ainsworth - Pinocchio

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Pinocchio holding Geppetto's hand in Pinocchio (2022)

Over the decades, there has been a multitude of Pinocchio adaptations, but anybody who has seen the original Disney Pinocchio will be getting a very similar performance from Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as the titular hero. He brings that same bright-eyed energy of the original, but it is not a copy-and-paste version of the character.

Pinocchio is portrayed as a bit more sensible this time around. Instead of blindly following Honest John or the Coachman, Pinocchio is less sure of himself and is more naive than he is selfish. Even when he makes poor choices, he actually concerned about what his father would think. Ainsworth even delivers more emotional moments than the original such as with a twist on how the climax plays out.

2 Tom Hanks - Geppetto

Tom Hanks as Geppetto sending Pinocchio off to school in Pinocchio (2022)

It should come as no surprise that Tom Hanks gives a good performance. He's an award-winning actor who has performed well for Disney numerous times over the years, and as Geppetto, he gives a heartfelt performance as this lonely old man who has lost his family and seeks to regain that through Pinocchio.

The tragedy of this version of Geppetto is matched equally with a joyous sense of wonder when he's with his wooden son. Tom Hanks makes it impossible to not smile at him, he's just so charming, and he brings some laughs as well. It's a nice icing on top that he gives Geppetto more depth as well.

1 Joseph Gordon Levitt - Jiminy Cricket

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio (2022)

It would not be surprising if some viewers forget that they are listening to Joseph Gordon Levitt as Jiminy Cricket. Levitt sounds nearly unrecognizable as Pinocchio's acting conscience. It's clear he respects the original version, keeping a similar accent and upbeat attitude.

However, similar to Pinocchio himself, Levitt does just enough to make his own and be a strong leading character for this remake; he never feels like an imitation but invokes the same kind of energy as Cliff Edwards. He carries a good amount of Pinocchio and Joseph Gordon Levitt never fails to fill every scene with delight, humor, and morals for the whole family to enjoy.