Emily In Paris Season 3 Wraps Filming With New BTS Photos

Emily In Paris star Lily Collins confirms season 3 has wrapped filming in a new set of behind-the-scenes pictures posted to her social media. The popular Netflix series from Sex And The City creator Darren Star follows Midwesterner Emily as she receives the job offer of a lifetime to work in Paris at a luxury marketing firm, Savoir. Starring Collins as the titular character who was hired for her 'American Perspective', Emily In Paris received mixed reactions when it premiered on Netflix in 2020. Criticized for its unrealistic portrayal of 20-something life, fluffy writing, and cultural stereotypes, the series has proven to be polarizing among viewers. However, its viewership numbers remain some of Netflix's best, and the streaming platform has renewed the series for up to 4 seasons.


Fans have eagerly awaited Emily In Paris to return ever since the season 2 finale left audiences shocked last December. Ending on a major cliffhanger, Emily discovered her love interest Gabriel, (Lucas Bravo) had secretly rekindled his romance with her friend, Camille, (Camille Razat), forcing herself to stop from proclaiming her true feelings for him. While much of season 2 focused on Emily's relationships, including her new one with English businessman Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), the season also focused on her career. Just as Emily began to settle into her new life and grow accustomed to Paris, Savoir began to slowly fall apart with many of the employees choosing to quit. The first teaser trailer for Emily In Paris season 3 was released earlier this month, revealing the season will address the awkward situation between Emily in Gabriel, and teasing the return of Alfie.

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Now, Collins officially confirms Emily In Paris has wrapped filming in a new series of behind-the-scenes pictures posted to her Instagram. In the photos, Collins can be seen in various outfits, posing with cast mates and crew throughout different set locations. The actress also added a heartfelt message highlighting her positive experiences on the set. Check out the post below:

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What The New BTS Photos Reveal About Emily In Paris Season 3

By the looks of it, Emily In Paris season 3 will continue to revel in the lavish locations, chic fashion and glamorous people it's known for. Based on the pictures, it appears that while Gabriel and Camille are back together and Emily is not exactly heartbroken. One of the snaps seems to confirm the two will share various scenes together, with Razat's Camille sitting beside Collin's Emily outside a café, indicating Emily most likely hasn't revealed her feelings to Camille just yet. However, Collins does share noticeably more photos of her beside co-star Ashley Park, who plays Emily's other best friend, Mindy Chen. It seems the two may be spending more time together in season 3, which could mean Camille learns of Emily and Gabriel's affair. Whether the trio can stick together despite the drama remains to be seen.

However, Collins did not feature any pictures with Alfie co-star Lucien Laviscount in her post. As he's confirmed to return for season 3, this begs the question: Will Emily come clean to Alfie about her affair with Gabriel? While the BTS pictures seem to point to a cheerful season 3 on the way, drama could be headed for the couple. With season 3 officially wrapped, fans only have to wait a few more months to find out when Emily In Paris season 3 hits Netflix later this year.