Elden Ring Player Beats Malenia With A Dance Pad After 6 Hours

An Elden Ring player has achieved the amazing feat of defeating one of the game's hardest bosses using a dance pad as a controller. The game's developer FromSoftware is famous for creating difficult games, and Elden Ring is no different, featuring a wide array of terrifying and powerful bosses. The game's many foes are difficult enough to beat with a controller, let alone a dance pad.

The Elden Ring character known as Malenia, the Blade of Miquella, is widely recognized as one of the most difficult bosses in all of FromSoftware's titles, with a punishing move set that's difficult for even the most experienced players to dodge. Her move entitled Waterfowl Dance is particularly notorious, as is her ability to both heal herself and inflict Scarlet Rot on the player. Malenia is one of the most well-known bosses in the game, and is the frequent focus for both streamers and talented Elden Ring cosplayers alike.


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The streamer MissMikkaa shared a video on Twitter this week of an astounding Malenia win in Elden Ring. The video shows the streamer impressively using a dance pad controller for the game for both their attacks and movement as they clash with Malenia. Their caption revealed that they achieved the victory against Malenia using the controller after a whopping six hours attempting the feat, taking place all over the course of one session of gameplay.

This Elden Ring Victory Is More Impressive Than The Final Boss

Considering the many elements that make Malenia a difficult Elden Ring boss, it's undeniable that any form of victory against her is something to be proud of. However, the use of a dance pad controller to achieve it requires a whole new level of skill, as it demands an entirely different type of coordination. The speed at which players must maneuver their character in order to beat Malenia in Elden Ring is high, and it requires an element of precision that's difficult to achieve with a dance pad. Additionally, playing the game with a dance pad utilizes most of the player's body, turning the fight into a game of real-life endurance as well.

Several hours of playing through a difficult Elden Ring boss fight with a dance pad has the potential to be incredibly tiring, and uses a completely different set of skills than a handheld controller. The streamer's relief at the end of the video after Malenia is defeated is palpable, and speaks to the difficulty of their achievement. It's rumored that future Elden Ring DLC bosses will be even harder, so perhaps viewers will see more of MissMikkaa's incredible Elden Ring accomplishments in the future.

Source: MissMikkaa/Twitter