Dragon Prince Season 4 Clip Shows Callum Reacting To Rayla Leaving

A clip from The Dragon Prince season 4 shows Prince Callum reacting to Rayla leaving. The popular animated fantasy Netflix series centers on tensions between the magical beings of the enchanted world of Xadia and the five kingdoms of the human world following the murder of the Dragon King and the destruction of the Dragon Prince egg by King Harrow of Katolis and his High Mage, Viren. After Callum discovers the egg was not destroyed but stolen by Viren, the prince, along with his step-brother, Prince Ezran, and the Moonshadow Elf, Rayla, journey to Xadia to return the Dragon Prince and avert a catastrophic war.


Season 3 saw the heroes return the hatched Dragon Prince, Zym, to Xadia. While on their journey, Viren managed to claim the throne of the Kingdom of Katolis and marched an enchanted army to the Storm Spire to recapture Zym. However, a combined army of humans, elves, and dragons joined forces to oppose Viren and successfully defeated the invading force. Meanwhile, Callum and Rayla took on Viren atop the Storm Spire and seemingly killed the mage by knocking him off a cliff. At the end of The Dragon Prince finale, it was revealed that Viren's mage daughter, Claudia, managed to bring her father back to life after two years of trying to use dark magic. During that time - as depicted in The Dragon Prince: Through the Moon graphic novel - Rayla traveled to the spirit world to learn more about her parents and discovered that Viren was alive. Rayla left Callum in the middle of the night to go on a quest to find where Viren is hiding.

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In a new The Dragon Prince season 4 clip, Callum reacts to Rayla leaving to him. Callum stands on a balcony on the night of his 17th birthday when the now King Ezran attempts to console his brother who still misses Rayla. Watch the new The Dragon Prince clip below:

Will Callum And Rayla Reunite?

The new The Dragon Prince scene shows that the pain of Rayla's departure has yet to diminish over the years. Callum not only misses her company, but he likely fears for the worst as Rayla searches for one of the most powerful and dangerous mages in the world. The prince probably worries every night, contemplating leaving Katolis to search for her. But as Ezran's mage following the season 4 time jump, he has duties that obligate him to service to his brother, the crown, and to his people.

The Dragon Prince has released a number of clips and trailers of season 4 in the past few months as its Netflix premiere nears, however, Rayla has been absent from every one of them. Perhaps Rayla may be absent from the majority of the season as well, keeping her new older appearance a mystery to the audience as it is to Callum. This may indicate that the prince will eventually venture away from Katolis and find Rayla looking shockingly different from before. Unfortunately, audiences must wait until November when The Dragon Prince season 4 lands on Netflix to find out if Callum and Rayla reunite.

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