Disenchanted: 10 Burning Questions After Watching The Trailer

Fans were overjoyed to hear that a sequel to Enchanted was coming, and the first trailer for Disenchanted has officially been released on YouTube. While the first movie followed Giselle as she tried to figure out the rules of living in the real world, the second shows her bringing a little bit of Andalasia's magic into this world.

While the trailer offers some insight, there are many questions still to be answered. Because so much time has passed between the original and the sequel, it's going to be hard to sell the audience the idea that Giselle is just now struggling with her life in the real world. It will be important to address that time before getting too far into the new plot. Because fans will have to wait until November 24th for the film to drop, there's plenty of time to ask questions and theorize their answers.


How Has Giselle And Morgan's Relationship Developed?

Morgan in Disenchanted

When audiences last saw Giselle and Morgan, they had a great relationship—but a large part of that was because Morgan was at the perfect age to believe in fairytales and true love, which made her readily accept Giselle into her life. While Morgan obviously never loses that belief, she does grow up, which can drastically change things.

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Assuming the time jump is the 15 years that took place between movies, Morgan should be 21, right at the stage where young adults think they know everything. Did she turn rebellious? Did she become jealous of the new baby? Giselle's wish turns her into an evil stepmother, but audiences want to know how good she was to begin with.

Has Nancy Had Any Trouble Adjusting To Edward's World?

Nancy and Edward Returning from Anadalasia in Disenchanted

Nancy and Edward magically appear in Giselle and Robert's new backyard, and by all accounts, they fit the fairytale aesthetic from the first film. Edward doesn't appear to have aged nearly as much as Robert, and Nancy is properly decked out in an elegant gown, wide smile, and golden crown.

However, if the story is going to look at Giselle missing the magic of her own world, is that going to be paralleled in Nancy? Both women have spent the last fifteen years in foreign realms, so it would be interesting to see how they handled it.

Are Giselle And Robert Breaking Up?

Giselle, her baby, Morgan, and Robert in Disenchanted

When Giselle is talking to Nancy, she explains that "In Andalasia, the hardest part of life is finding your happily ever after. This world's very different." The emphasis in that phrase suggests that the hard part in the real world is keeping a happy ending.

The trailer suggests that the key conflicts involve Morgan and Giselle, but it's entirely possible that she's having trouble with Robert too. Classic Disney sequels show princes and princesses entering blissful parenthood where they might fight with their children, but never with each other. This could be a very interesting path for the plot to take, showing the tensions that might arise with a blended family.

Does Giselle's Wish Change The Whole World Or Just Monroe?

The merged town on Monrolasia in Disenchanted

Giselle tells Morgan that she wished "for a fairytale life," but the transformation certainly went beyond just her life. The whole town seems to have been sucked into the chaos, with elaborate dance numbers and festivals. In addition, the banners hung around town refer to the "Festival of Monrolasia," which suggests the whole town has been remade.

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However, the implications of having one town that runs completely different from the rest of the country are complicated. The scroll tells Giselle, "At the stroke of midnight, nothing will be as it was before." With a message that ominous, fans can't help but wonder if the spell is on the verge of spreading to the rest of the world.

Is Cinderella The Only Fairytale They're Borrowing From?

A clock tower approaching midnight in Disenchanted

Enchanted borrowed heavily from the story of Snow White, and Disenchanted seems to be tackling the story of Cinderella, casting Morgan as the princess, Giselle as her evil stepmother, and Nancy as her fairy godmother. However, while the elements are the same, a fancy ball and a kiss from a prince don't seem to be what the trailer is setting up for a climax.

The film could be teeing up a twist similar to Maleficent, where true love's kiss is familial, or it could be working with an entirely different fairytale altogether, disrupting the heroes' plans just when they think they have it figured out. It will be exciting to see if the film sticks with one clear homage or functions more like Once Upon A Time, blending characters from different stories to make more complicated statements.

What's Going On With The Men?

The Men of Disenchanted

While Edward is the one who suggests Giselle change the world to suit her desires, he and Robert largely disappear from the trailer after that point. There are flashes that seem to indicate they have been sent away to keep from breaking the spell, but they aren't actually doing anything in most shots.

The central narrative is the battle between the princess and stepmother, but surely Robert and Edward are doing something to try to save Giselle and Morgan. If it wasn't shown in the trailer, it's probably important, so fans have the next few months to speculate about what that entails.

How Does Maya Rudolph's Character Fit Into Everything?

Malvina Monroe as an Evil Queen in Disenchanted

While most of the cast remains the same as the original, Maya Rudolph's character is clearly important. She is introduced as a snooty realtor but appears to be an evil queen after the spell is cast. Unfortunately, that's about all that fans know.

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It seems likely that they will be able to break the spell making Giselle the villain only to be confronted by Malvina, who has undergone a transformation of her own. Her last name being the same as the town is surely no coincidence, marking her as a member of the founding family, but aside from villainous aesthetics, fans can only guess at how she will fit in.

Does Morgan End Up In Andalasia?

Giselle pushing Morgan down a well in Disenchanted

The trailer shows Giselle pushing Morgan into the well in their backyard, which is precisely what happened to Giselle in the original. Assuming wells are still portals between realms, this could mean Morgan will be taken to Andalasia herself. If that happens, fans could see some of their favorite characters take on new animated forms.

A fantastic part of the original film was the transition from animation to live action. Fans are hopeful they will get to see that transition again, though it's possible that advances in animation technology will make the other realm look different from what fans remember.

Will It Live Up To The Original?

Enchanted DVD Cover Amy Adams

The question on every fan's mind is whether Disenchanted will be able to live up to its predecessor. Few sequels are as good as the original, but the fact that it took fifteen years to make a new movie seems to suggest that everyone involved made sure they had the right script for the task.

The idea of Giselle turning into a wicked stepmother is brilliant, and Amy Adams pulls off the transition with a lot of skill. Alongside her, the cast seems to have all dedicated themselves to bringing the original characters back to life, and the budget and technology used are considerably stronger. Only time will tell if that will be enough.

What Will Be Satirized?

Giselle talking to rats, pigeons, and cockroaches in Disenchanted

The original movie spent a lot of time mocking the classic Disney princess films, and fans are going to expect the new film to have a similar tone. However, a lot has changed since then, and the film is going to have to find other things to parody.

For instance, will there be some reference to WandaVision or the Teen Beach Movie series, which are owned by Disney and have very similar plotlines? Will the film reference the recasting of Morgan? Will it reference the many villain movies that have been produced in the last decade? There are many options to work with, but it will be important that the film plays with at least a few of them to retain the appeal of the original.

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