Dead Space Remake Promises No Camera Cuts Or Loading Screens

The developers of the anticipated Dead Space Remake have revealed details on its improvements in making the sci-fi horror game even more immersive by removing loading screens and camera cutaways. Remaking beloved games of the past with modern graphics and mechanics is no easy task, and can run the risk of upsetting diehard fans of the original release, but improvements like these can go a long way toward rejuvenating a classic title.

2008's Dead Space made a considerable impression by stranding players in a broken down space-mining vessel invested with mutated creatures. The game's immersive story-telling and limb-destroying physics helped set it apart from other third-person action games of its time. While the team behind the original Dead Space is currently working on Callisto Protocol, the developers at EA Motive are rebuilding and expanding the original Dead Space from the ground up with some exciting additions.


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A new blog post from Dead Space Remake developer EA Motive (via DualShockers) has revealed that the game will be fully interconnected. Players will be able to visit each of the game's locations without a loading screen or camera cutaway breaking the immersion. While immersion in the original game was one of its more defining features, playing through its entire journey seamlessly without any long loading times will certainly make the already intense game even scarier. According to the post, the team is focused on "...rebuilding the game from scratch and adding new content and modern enhancements into the mix-but never, ever betraying the original."

Dead Space's Gruesome Deaths Will Be The Only Break

Dead Space Remake Visuals Sound Gameplay Upgraded From Scratch

Because of the lack of loading screens, the developers claim that dying in the AAA horror game Dead Space Remake will be the only time the game will need to reload, as players respawn at their closest checkpoint. With the dramatic upgrade to the game's sound and visuals, the gruesome death animations of the unfortunate Issac Clarke will be more realistic than the series has seen before. And with no other breaks in the game's tension, they will likely be a lot more surprising as well.

The Dead Space Remake seems to focus more on the immersive and tension-building aspects fans loved about the first game rather than the action-focused gameplay of its two sequels. It was recently revealed that EA Motive will helm a new Iron Man game as their next project. Still, the team seems to understand why fans loved the first Dead Space so much and are working to improve everything possible to make the Dead Space Remake the best it can be.

Sources: DualShockers, EA Motive