DC's New Aquaman Has One Power That Needs to Appear in the DCEU

Jackson Hyde, the former Aqualad, is officially DC's new Aquaman, possessing an epic power that fans deserve to see on the big screen. As the son of Arthur Curry's oldest enemy, Black Mnata, Jackson had a long journey to become a hero, but he proved himself long ago. Now, as a major crime-fighter, he's making waves as a warrior for Atlantis, despite his differences from the original Aquaman.

An important beacon for representation and a hero whose message travels across the world, Jackson's run as Aquaman is game-changing for the young heroes of DC. In many ways, he represents what Arthur failed to accomplish and picks up where he left off. His strength derives from his upbringing, as well as his new, unique abilities that Arthur Curry can only dream of obtaining.


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One such ability is a power that is most likely derived from the concept of an electric eel or jellyfish. Able to manipulate electricity and release it from his body, Jackson's use of this power makes him stronger than the original Aquaman. Having been established in Teen Titans (2016) #11 by Benjamin Percy, Phil Hester, Khoi Pham, Trevor Scott, Corey Breen and Jim Charalampidis, Jackson discovers his new ability of electrokinesis with the help of his father. As a water-based hero, using electricity is certainly a surprising ability, but one that gives him the upper hand in many battles waged underwater, due to electric currents and conductivity.

new aquaman electric powers

Electrokinesis is a creative way to set him Jackson apart from the former Aquaman, and it has been used to show how powerful of a hero he can be. When Arthur and Atlantis were attacked by the creatures of the Trench, Jackson was their last line of defensek, and in one fell swoop he managed to take out the entire enemy line. Using his electric shocks gave him a way to take out enemies far faster than Arthur Curry could in Aquaman (2016) #63 by Jordan Clark, Marco Santucci, Romulo Fajardo Jr, and Clayton Cowles. He accomplished something that Aquaman had failed to do and saved him from an onslaught of attacks that was too overwhelming for the hero.

As the son of a villain, Jackson had much to prove to Arthur, but he was not without determination. Ultimately he proved himself to Aquaman enough to earn his title, and showed that his abilities have the potential to go a lot farther as he gets a grasp on them. After unlocking this new ability, Jackson gained an advantage that Arthur never once had, and showed off a move that could take out multitudes of enemies. In one instance he even used the ability to defeat Black Manta - something Arthur has often failed to do.

Jackson Hyde has long been a hero worthy of the Aquaman name, but his electrokinesis means that he's also his own hero, and someone particularly suited to dominating underwater combat. In its depicted of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, the DCEU has already introduced some epic visuals for the original Aquaman, but Jackson's electric powers make him an even more cinematic version of the hero.