Cowboy Bebop's Crew Reunites In Glorious New Art From Marvel/DC Artist

Spoilers for Cowboy Bebop Below

In excellent new fan art from superstar Jen Bartel, the crew of Cowboy Bebop makes a welcome return in a group shot highlighting each character from the beloved group of bounty hunters. In the image, Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Edward, and Ein all return in a piece that will make anime fans wish to see more adventures featuring the iconic characters.

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most critically acclaimed and successful animes of all time, as the series had huge success both in Japan and the United States. Debuting in 1997 and following a group of Bounty Hunters in the far future, Cowboy Bebop became an iconic anime series through its genre-bending science fiction and western-inspired adventures starring the crew of the Bebop. While the original Cowboy Bebop only ran for 26 episodes, the anime is still popular to this day, with a recent adaptation starring John Cho debuting and soon after being canceled on Netflix. Now, in new fan art from Jen Bartel, the crew of the Bebop return.


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On her Twitter account, Jen Bartel (She-Hulk, Blackbird) shared her latest artwork starring the main characters of Cowboy Bebop. The image features the crew of the Bebop sitting on top of a car as they strike poses. Spike Spiegel points as he smokes a cigarette, Jet Black leans against the car with a smirk while flexing his muscles, Faye Valentine is gorgeous while sitting on the roof of the vintage car, and Edward and Ein smile in an adorable joint pose. Check out the fan art below.

Considering Jen Bartel has worked on numerous campaigns and products in the world of fashion, such as her recent collaborations featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for Puma, it's possible her Cowboy Bebop artwork will be used in an official capacity at some point. But regardless, even if it's just fan art, seeing one of the industry's most iconic artists tackling such a legendary anime makes for a really great piece.

Ultimately, the Jen Bartel image does a great job at capturing the different personalities and looks of the crew of Cowboy Bebop. Even more than two decades after the anime ended, the show still reaches people and inspires great pieces of art like the one above. Ultimately, it shows that Cowboy Bebop, despite its initial short lifespan, will continue to live on forever as one of the greatest animes ever made.