Cordell & Liam Work Out A Murder Mystery In Walker Season 2 Deleted Scene [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant is excited to exclusively present a deleted scene from Walker season 2 as a celebration of the hit CW show's DVD release on October 4. The series premiered in January of 2021, serving as a reboot of the classic western known as Walker, Texas Ranger (which starred martial arts icon and evergreen meme Chuck Norris). CW's take on the tale follows follows Cordell Walker (played by Supernatural star Jared Padalecki), a ranger and widower coming home to Austin with his children to reunite with his family after spending time undercover.


Walker's strong debut ratings held steady over the course of two seasons, and audience reaction to the series has remained passionate. With season 3 premiering on October 6, fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of season 2's cliffhanger, which left Cordell in immediate danger. Before learning how he will get himself out of trouble and who is behind it, audiences will first be able to relive the highs and lows of the previous season when it comes home to DVD.

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Among a variety of special features, Walker season 2 includes several deleted scenes, and Screen Rant can now reveal one of them. Part of episode 6, titled "Douglas Fir," the scene opens with Padalecki's Cordell walking alongside his younger brother Liam (Keegan Allen, Pretty Little Liars). The holiday season leads Liam to reminisce about the previous Christmas, during which Cordell was absent and things didn't feel right. But the conversation quickly turns to the case of the episode, Dan Miller, and the murder he may have committed. Watch the full clip below:

Fans of Walker will recall that Dan turned out to be innocent, but that Liam called in to have Dan investigated in order to learn more about his suspicions. In the new deleted scene, it's clear that Cordell is much more reluctant to jump to any conclusions about their neighbor, but his younger brother is pushing the matter much more than is necessary. This adds some insight to "Douglas Fir" and shades some of Liam's later actions, making the scene a worthwhile addition to the canon of the show.

Walker Season 2 Box Art

The 5-disc DVD set for Walker season 2 is packed with exclusive special features and deleted scenes, as well as all 20 intense episodes from the crime series. Check out the box art below:

Walker Season 2 Home Release Box Art

Walker season 2 will be available to own on DVD starting on October 4, and fans can pre-order the set through Amazon.