Cooper Twins Awkwardly Confront Mandy In Young Sheldon Season 6 Clip

A brand new clip from Young Sheldon season 6 reveals Missy and Sheldon confronting Mandy for the first time. Introduced in season 5 as Georgie's new love interest, Emily Osment's character was promoted to be a series regular in The Big Bang Theory spinoff's upcoming year. This means that fans should expect to see her more often on Young Sheldon as she continues to be pregnant with Georgie's baby.

The Young Sheldon season 5 finale brought a lot of changes to the eldest Cooper kid. After dropping out of school and working full time, he started dating Mandy, who is more than a decade older than he is. The pair's relationship was going well when their age difference started becoming a problem. Unfortunately, simply breaking up wasn't on the table because they are pregnant with their first kid. The adult members of the Cooper family have been dealing with the evolving situation for a while now. But as Young Sheldon season 6 begins, Sheldon and Missy have no choice but to get involved.


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CBS released the latest promotional clip for Young Sheldon season 6 premiere titled "Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo" showing the Cooper twins meeting Mandy for the first time. Instead of a civil introduction, however, their meeting couldn't come at a worse time. Watch the clip above.

Will Mandy Marry Georgie In Young Sheldon?

Young Sheldon - Georgie & Mandy

Clearly, Missy is the more protective sibling in this clip. After she finds out who Mandy is, she continues to be hesitant about divulging information to her. But, Missy may not have any choice but to eventually mellow down on Georgie's partner as Mandy could ultimately join the family. In Young Sheldon season 5. Mary already floated the idea of marriage to the complicated couple. Considering that an arranged marriage worked for her and George, she thought that it could also be the same for the young pair. Georgie is more than okay with the idea, but Mandy doesn't want to tie the knot despite their predicament. As Young Sheldon season 6 goes on, however, it's possible that she still changes her mind. That's if she gets over the fact that Georgie has a prison record.

Georgie's current Young Sheldon narrative is something that was never mentioned in The Big Bang Theory. When the older version of the character first appeared on the sitcom, he talked about how he had to take care of Mary and Missy while Sheldon was studying abroad following the unexpected death of George. Given this, CBS has a wider wiggle room to craft this narrative the way they want to. That's actually great news as it would keep viewers hooked for what comes next for him and Mandy.

Young Sheldon season 6 premieres Thursday, September 29 on CBS.

Source: Young Sheldon/YouTube