Bulbasaur Evolutions Get Ready For Halloween In Adorable Fan Designs

A Pokémon fan has reimagined Bulbasaur and its evolutions, getting the classic Grass-type Pokémon into the Halloween spirit. The Augmented-Reality title Pokémon GO has hosted special Halloween events such as 2021's "Halloween Mischief" to celebrate the spooky season over the years, and has featured costumed versions of popular Pokémon such as a top-hat wearing Pikachu, or a Piplup donning a pumpkin that these fan-made Bulbasaur redesigns would fit in perfectly with.


Outside of themed events, the world of Pokémon has plenty of spooky or horror-inspired elements. The most evident of these come when reading into the lore behind some of the franchise's Ghost Pokémon. If players choose to read the Pokédex entries for characters such as Ghost/Fairy-type Mimikyu, for example, they will find that its ragged-yet-charming makeshift Pikachu disguise is actually a way to get closer to people and other Pokémon. As relayed in spooky Pokémon fan art, Mimikyu's terrifying appearance even appears to have killed the one scientist who dared to investigate.

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As reported by Game Rant, Reddit user scrazyone1 shared their redesign of the classic Kanto starter Bulbasaur, creating 3D models that show the Grass-type Pokémon clad in bones with a Jack O'Lantern pumpkin in place of the usual bulb on its back. As Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur, and then Venusaur, the Jack O'Lantern grows in size and the carved face becomes more detailed and menacing, and the amount of bone armor decreases as each evolution grows in size.

Nintendo Has Halloween-Themed Pokémon Merch On The Way

Nintendo has also been getting into the Halloween spirit this month. The Pokémon Company revealed a lineup of Halloween-themed merchandise alongside "Trick or Trade BOOster bundles" for the long-running Trading Card Game. This merch has featured the popular Kanto Pokémon Gengar quite prominently, with the Ghost-type Pokémon appearing on sweaters, plushy keychains, and alongside Pikachu in the form of Pumpkin Bowls.

While Pokémon fans will have to wait and see what titles such as Pokémon GO have in store for Halloween to coincide with Nintendo's official merch, scrazyone1's fan art has been highly praised, with some affectionately naming the redesigns Spookysaur, Scarysaur, and Terrorsaur. For those who want to display the spooky takes on Bulbasaur and its evolutions alongside the official Halloween-themed Pokémon merchandise, the model files have been made available via scrazyone1's Patreon account for those with a 3D printer to make figurines of Bulbasaur's spooky new design.

Source: scrazyone1/Reddit (via Game Rant), scrazyone1/Patreon