Brooklyn & Malibu Are Back In Barbie: It Takes Two Part 2 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant can exclusively present a new clip from the Netflix animated series Barbie: It Takes Two, which will premiere a new batch of episodes on the streaming platform on October 1. Produced by Mattel Television, the show follows two best friends named Barbie ("Brooklyn" and "Malibu" Barbie at that!) who are traveling the country in the hopes of becoming music stars. The characters were first introduced in the 2021 film Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams, and the series serves as a sequel that details their further adventures.


First created by Mattel over 50 years ago, Barbie has been a fashion icon worldwide and become a role model for children everywhere. The numerous iterations of the doll itself, with additional models such as Skipper and Ken joining the family and various careers and locations added on, allow children to pursue their dreams through their favorite toy. With the advent of films and television series starring Barbie and her friends, the world-building can become even more immersive as kids explore the different paths their favorite characters can take.

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In Screen Rant's exclusive clip from Barbie: It Takes Two part 2, Malibu and Brooklyn are desperately searching for a replacement album due to having broken a record belonging to Brooklyn's dad, Ricky Brick's "Life in B Flat." They speak to a member of an underground network that trades hard-to-find music, who thinks she can get them the album they need after a long and arduous series of trades. Watch the full clip below:

The girls have the first piece of their puzzle thanks to Spin Sister, who does art installations of old broken records. But there will be several more steps after that, and a $25 finders' fee to boot. Naturally, Brooklyn and Malibu don't want to have to go through it alone, so they beg their newfound friend to show them the ropes. Even though she agrees to help—for now—the bigger issue in this particular episode of Barbie: It Takes Two will be keeping daddy dearest from learning what has become of his beloved record.

Barbie: It Takes Two is far from the only option available for Barbie fans to watch on Netflix. There's even another film starring Brooklyn and Malibu, Barbie Mermaid Power, which sees them go under the sea for more adventure. Other movies include Barbie Dolphin Magic, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, and much more.

Barbie: It Takes Two returns to Netflix for part 2 on October 1.