BOTW Player Finds The Weirdest Puzzle Solution In Vah Rudania

A Breath of the Wild player has found an unusual solution to one of The Legend of Zelda game's many puzzles, centered around a locked door inside Vah Rudania. As with all Divine Beasts in BOTW, ignoring Vah Rudania is entirely possible for players, although taking this option does come with consequences.

Along with the various Sheikah Shrines dotted across the land, Vah Rudania and the rest of the divine beasts are Breath of the Wild's equivalent of dungeons. Although not referred to as such in-game, the emphasis on utilizing a mixture of combat and puzzle-solving to progress are clear hallmarks of the franchise staple. The enormous, salamander-like robot which lurks on Death Mountain is no different. The limited control that the hero has over the Divine Beast's workings, namely the ability to have it tilt onto its side, is key to progressing through the interior structure. However, for some players, the challenges associated with this mechanic actually help to make Vah Rudania the worst of BOTW's Divine Beasts to complete.


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However, one player has now turned this same mechanic to their advantage by finding an unusual way through one of Vah Rudania's puzzles. Reddit user CiaoCian has found that through the creative use of Vah Rudania's tilting, it is possible to bypass a locked door without properly opening it. This is because the door in question has a Sheikah eye-shaped cutout, which is just big enough for Link to squeeze through with a little effort. In actuality, this same cutout is intended to be used for a quick piece of archery; a brazier on the other side is meant to be lit with an arrow, which will then open the door. CianCiao's clever trick lets BOTW players avoid this requirement, making it the latest in a long line of unorthodox methods to deal with the game's puzzles.

BOTW Exploits Divine Beast Mechanics To Bypass Locked Door

I’m fairly certain this isn’t how I’m meant to get through, but alas, it worked. from Breath_of_the_Wild

Unlike some more complicated exploits discovered in Breath of the Wild, reenacting this particular solution appears to be a fairly simple endeavor. All that is required is some careful timing. As seen in CiaoCian's video, Link simply needs to land on the ledge formed by the doorframe as Vah Rudania tilts onto its side. From there, the game's climbing mechanics and a little persistence will see Link ducking down to force his way through the intended arrow-hole, landing safely in the room beyond. Finding a clever alternative puzzle solution in Breath of the Wild like this is a popular activity for many players, something which the game's open-ended nature actively encourages.

It is quite funny to see Link enacting this solution, but at the same time, it seems a very appropriate course of action for BOTW's endlessly resourceful protagonist. Although this solution is very clearly a weird way for Link to get through the door in question, it cannot be denied that the quick trick is still very clever. It takes brilliant advantage of the game's internal physics, something which is in keeping with the play style of many long-time fans of the title. Of course, the game's developers themselves have also shown themselves to be entirely on board with this style of thinking, having gone so far as to purposefully leave fun glitches in Breath of the Wild for players to make use of.