Booker T Confirms Chris Jericho Is The "Smartest Guy" In AEW's Locker Room

Following CM Punk's atom bomb post-All Out media scrum, Chris Jericho has reportedly emerged as a voice of reason inside AEW's locker room. Over the last several months, there have been numerous reports about stars being unhappy with how things are going in the company. Punk's tirade was the most public airing of these issues, but the former world champion was far from being alone with his discontent.

With the Being The Elite guys suspended and Punk injured and on the shelf for at least six months, AEW has an opportunity to reshape its culture to some degree. Based on numerous reports, Jericho has taken his presence as a veteran seriously, recently dispensing advice and encouraging the locker room not to leak things to the press that should be kept quiet. The wrestlers have listened, too, as the leaks regarding CM Punk's issues with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Adam Page has stopped almost entirely.


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Given Jericho's presence and everything he's done and been through, that makes a lot of sense. Booker T recently weighed in on Y2J and how he's the most intelligent guy in AEW's locker room. During an episode of The Hall Of Fame podcast, the Hall of Famer had this to say: "[Jericho] is the smartest guy in the room. You can see how frustrated he is, he was with it. He held it in very, very well. You can see how frustrated he is with those guys around there because you don't realize how good it is until you're gone." (h/t and a thank you to for the transcription)

Chris Jericho Has Been A Rock For AEW

Booker T is discussing the post-All Out media scrum, where Jericho seemed to know what had gone down between Punk and the Being The Elite crew before getting on stage to do his bit. He was cool, calm, and collected and was the first performer to answer questions out of character. Punk went scorched Earth, while Swerve Strickland laid into the media for how they've covered Swerve In Our Glory's AEW tag-team title run. It was Jericho's turn after that, and his professionalism contrasted with what had gone down earlier in the scrum.

Jericho is the seasoned veteran all sports teams look to have on the roster before taking a run at a title. Experience matters, especially in professional wrestling, and there isn't much that Jericho hasn't experienced or gone through. He has a legit claim to be remembered as the G.O.A.T. Given that he believes AEW will be going for another 50 years, Jericho will only have more opportunities to add to his extraordinary legacy.