Blake Lively’s 10 Best Movies, According To Metacritic

The Age of Adaline has found a resurgence of popularity since being added to Netflix this month. The 2015 romance fantasy film has suddenly made it on the list of the streaming service’s top 10 films, proving that Blake Lively’s charm and talent still continue to resonate with audiences.

Lively first gained mainstream attention as Serena van der Woodsen on the hit teen show, Gossip Girl, but the gifted actor’s foray into film has been filled with quite a number of successes, as well. With an expansive list of credits on Metacritic, the formidable fashionista has proven time and time again that she is a consistently capable and underrated performer.


10 Accepted (2006) – 47

Blake Lively and Justin Long in Accepted

When Bartleby and his friends fail to get accepted into any college, he has the genius idea to fake acceptance into a fictional university in order to trick their families and avoid their disappointment. However, due to a technical glitch on the fake school’s website, every young adult who applied has also been accepted.

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This raunchy comedy was unable to charm critics, who lambasted the film for its over-the-top plot and predictable jokes. Blake Lively’s role as Monica is sadly reduced to the “love interest” trope without any real depth to the character outside of her being the object of affection for Bartleby. Jonah Hill does a commendable job bringing a few genuine laughs to the film, but it wasn’t enough to charm the box office.

9 New York, I Love You (2009) – 49

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This ensemble romantic comedy follows the lives of people trying to navigate the trials and tribulations of love in New York City. The film is an anthology divided into 11 short films, each with a different cast and director. In addition to Lively, the star-studded cast features James Caan, Bradley Cooper, and Natalie Portman.

Blake Lively’s role in the Brett Ratner-directed segment of the film is unfortunately very minuscule. She plays a popular high school student who dumps her boyfriend on prom night, playing somewhat the villain of the short. The film failed to resonate with both audiences and critics despite its impressive cast list. Most of the criticisms were attributed to the haphazard script and the films inability to find a cohesive through line. Contrary to the title, the movie wasn't able to aptly capture the essence of New York, according to critics.

8 The Age of Adaline (2015) – 51

Adaline and Ellis meet in the elevator

In 1937, Adaline Bowman suffers a car wreck that, through some mysterious cause of events, causes her to stop aging. Adaline has remained 29 years old for almost 80 years and has adapted to a life of isolation. When she meets a handsome man named Ellis, she begins to question whether or not she should finally step out from the shadows and be happy.

Blake Lively was praised for her poised and nuanced portrayal of the immortal Adaline Bowman. She was able to impeccably convey the agency of a woman who has been alive for decades while still bringing her trademark charisma to the role. The cinematography, costume design, and surprisingly heartfelt performance by Harrison Ford make this movie a truly beautiful and amusing viewing experience.

7 Savages (2012) – 59

This Oliver Stone-directed action thriller follows two best friends, Chon and Ben, whose successful marijuana business catches the eye of a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. When the cartel kidnaps the pair’s girlfriend, Ophelia, Chon and Ben work tirelessly to figure out a way to save O and put an end to them.

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Gratuitous violence and an incoherent third act are what most critics found fault with in this breezy summer crime drama. Despite a particularly menacing and mesmerizing performance by Salma Hayek, the film’s cast fails to stand out due to Savages uninspired script and extended runtime. Lively does a decent job with what she is given, but the role is sadly reduced to being a “damsel in distress” archetype.

6 The Shallows (2016) – 59

Blake Lively in The Shallows

A medical student travels to a secluded Mexican beach in the hopes of some much-needed relaxation. While out surfing, the young woman is attacked by a great white shark and finds herself stranded 200 yards from the shore. In a harrowing race against the rising tide, she must figure out a way to survive before it’s too late.

Blake Lively was praised for her captivating performance as Nancy Adams in this tightly directed shark thriller. Not only does the actor expertly carry the entirety of the film on her shoulders, but she also proves to be quite the capable action star. While the dialogue in the film was criticized for being pedantic, that didn’t stop The Shallows from becoming a massive box office success and hailed as one of the best shark attack movies ever.

5 The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 (2008) – 63

Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bridget celebrating after graduation

After spending a few years continuing the tradition of sharing the pants, the four best friends start to believe that the magic has dissipated and begin to go their separate ways. When the pants get lost, however, the women come together in order to save their tradition and their friendship.

The entire cast reunites in this follow-up to its 2005 predecessor. All the actors are as charming and relatable as ever which unsurprisingly makes The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 an enjoyable and playful experience. Lively, in particular, has plenty of moments to shine, especially in her scenes opposite Blythe Danner. The film is also considered to be one of Alexis Bledel's best performances.

4 Café Society (2016) – 64

In 1930s Hollywood, Bobby begins working for his talent agent uncle Phil. He falls in love with Phil’s assistant Vonnie, but when the news of her affair with Phil is discovered, Bobby returns to his home in the Bronx. Bobby soon marries socialite Veronica, but when Vonnie comes to visit, he finds himself torn between his past and present.

Café Society received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, who lauded the scope and cinematography, but found fault with the script’s predictability. Lively is radiant as she conveys the sexual appeal and biting wit of Veronica Lake and Jane Russell. Style, substance, and a catchy score make this film a delightful entry in Lively’s filmography.

3 The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (2005) – 66

Cast of Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (2005) walking on the streets

When four best friends discover that a pair of jeans mysteriously fits them all, they decide to spend their summer documenting the adventures each of them goes through while wearing the pants. What starts off as an amusing romp, quickly turns into a tale about love, loss, and self-discovery.

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The four lead actresses have a magnanimous amount of chemistry that permeates throughout the entire film. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a poignant and occasionally comical look at the strength of female friendship and coming of age into adult womanhood. While each lead’s side story is extremely entertaining, it is when the four are together that the film really flourishes.

2 A Simple Favor (2018) – 67

A Simple Favor

When mommy vlogger Stephanie befriends the effortlessly chic Emily, she finds herself captivated by Emily’s glamorous and successful life. Problems arise when Emily mysteriously disappears from town and Stephanie is left to figure out the truth, ultimately discovering that her new friend is not who she appears to be.

This 2018 sleeper hit wowed critics thanks to its witty script, captivating mystery, and stellar performances from Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. Director Paul Feig does a remarkable job bringing a more modern take on the noir genre, creating a truly original and thrilling movie-going experience. The mystery at the center of the film is so well constructed that it is no surprise that A Simple Favor is one of the best mysteries about infidelity.

1 The Town (2010) – 74

Blake Lively in The Town.

This crime thriller follows a group of Boston bank robbers who plan to steal from their next mark, Fenway Park. The leader of the group, Doug MacRay, wants out of this life of crime, but his loyalty to his “brothers” makes that difficult, even when a budding relationship with a former hostage promises a better life for him.

Many critics at the time of release considered The Town to be one of the best films of 2010. Director Ben Affleck is able to pack in nonstop action and intensity while at the same time being able to include a story about love and friendship. In addition to Lively, the performances of the rest of the cast are one of the film’s strongest elements.

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