Big Brother 24: Ranking The Final Five’s Odds Of Winning

The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds.The finale of Big Brother 24 is right around the corner, and five players remain in contention for the $750,000 prize. Following a tense Double Eviction that sent Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner to the jury, the five players remaining in the game are Taylor Hale, Brittany Hoopes, Alyssa Snider, Monte Taylor, and Matt "Turner" Turner. Michael was the front-runner to win the game, but his eviction has opened the game up in a major way.


During the Double Eviction, Turner became Head of Household and nominated Alyssa and Brittany, with his goal originally being to evict Brittany. However, Monte won the Power of Veto, and he and Turner decided to remove Alyssa from the block and nominate Michael as the replacement. It was easily the biggest and most dramatic move of the season. Since then, Monte has won the Head of Household and nominated Brittany and Alyssa. However, Brittany won the Veto and will be taking herself off the block. What will happen next is still up in the air, but the five players left are still battling it out to secure their positions in the game.

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Turner BB24

Chances of Winning: 35%

If Turner survives this week, he has a very strong chance to win the game. He has three HOH wins under his belt and has been responsible for executing some of the biggest moves of the season, including Michael's eviction during the Double Eviction. However, Turner has played a fairly passive game, and some of his moves have been at the behest of others rather than in furtherance of his own interests. With his ally Monte as HOH, he also appears to be safe this week. He faces stiff competition in Monte and Taylor, so he has his work cut out for him, but if he can pull out another win at Final Four and make it to the Final Two with a weaker player, he should have a great shot at victory.


Taylor Hale BB24 wearing glasses

Chances of Winning: 30%

Taylor is the underdog of the season. She went from being the target for eviction in week one to having a strong case for winning the game. She's navigated some tricky situations in the house and was instrumental in convincing Monte to target Michael in the days leading up to the Double Eviction, which ultimately led to Michael's elimination. Her biggest obstacle will be Turner and Monte, who may choose to target her instead of each other or eliminate her at Final Three. She'll likely need to pull off several competition wins to emerge victorious, but she's definitely still in contention.

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Monte Taylor BB24

Chances of Winning: 25%

By winning the Power of Veto that sent Michael home, Monte positioned himself as a major threat to win the game. He has played a strong, if quiet, game so far, but the Michael play, followed by his Final Five HOH win, bolsters Monte's case to win should he make it to the Final Two. However, because he is HOH this week, he's vulnerable at the Final Four and will likely need to win the crucial Final Four Power of Veto to ensure his safety now that the rest of the house is aware of his threat level.


Brittany Hoopes BB24

Chances of Winning: 5%

At this point, Brittany is playing a second-place game. Despite being a member of several strong alliances, Brittany has built a reputation of being a floater and an unreliable ally for the players remaining in the game. There's a strong likelihood that she makes it to the Final Two as a jury goat, but she has almost no shot at receiving enough jury votes to win the game.

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Alyssa Snider Big Brother 24

Chances of Winning: 5%

Unless Monte and Turner decide to take a shot at Taylor, it doesn't look like Alyssa will be moving forward past this week. She's an easy out for the power players remaining and doesn't have enough capital in the house to save herself this week. She's made some strong social bonds in the game, so if by some miracle she managed to make it to the Final Two, she could garner some votes, but it's looking very doubtful that she gets that opportunity.

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