Big Brother: 10 Players Who Were The Most Entertaining In The Diary Room

Fans of Big Brother know just how hectic and stressful the game can get, that's why it's a nice shift when the player can be themselves and keep the show grounded with their diary room sessions. These diary room sessions act as an insight into the minds of each house guest without tipping off the other players.

Viewers are able to know their inner thoughts and moves for the following episodes. These diary room sessions have sparked some of the most entertaining and hilarious confessionals that fans will always remember.


Tiffany Mitchell - Season 23

Tiffany talking in the diary room

Tiffany was part of the legendary Cookout alliance and even came up with their winning strategy. Her outgoing personality and strategic perception awarded her America's Favorite House guest.

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Ultimately, it was all in her diary room sessions. She was both hilarious and down to earth. She was an instant fan favorite when she made her appearance in season 23. Her ability to read the room and take down the competition made her someone worth watching last season. Tiffany also has many vulnerable and powerful diary room moments that viewers will never forget.

Josh Martinez - Season 19

Closeup of Josh smiling

Josh was part of 19th season and eventually became the show's winner. He was known for being loud, emotional, and, most importantly, a super-fan.

He used his charm to keep his alliances tight, and although he was a target a few times, he managed to escape eviction, which was impressive. Overall, his personality was very memorable and even shined in the diary room. His drastic moods throughout the season led to many hilarious memes at his expense. It revealed his true emotions, which humanized his over-the-top tactics.

Jason Roy - Season 17 & BBOTT

Jason frowning in the diary room

Jason was another entertaining house guest that made his mark on the diary room. He appeared briefly in his first season but returned to Big Brother Over The Top and became a runner-up.

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His time on season 17 was short, but his diary rooms were still sassy and clever. He never held back what he felt about the other house guests and even made sure to point it out to their faces. He was a huge super-fan that got to live out his dream the best way he knew how, and it made him popular enough to return for another season.

Paul Abrahamian - Season 18 & 19

Paul Talking in the Diary room

Paul was one of the most memorable house guests during his time on season 18. He and fellow "sitting duck" alliance member Victor were fan favorites. His popularity allowed him to make another appearance on the show in the very next season. And although he only managed to be runner-up twice, he is still considered a good player. He is considered one of the most popular male houseguests based on Instagram followers.

Paul entertained in the diary room both seasons and coined his very own catchphrases. Despite what some fans say about him, he was impressive enough to make it to the final two twice. He also played mastermind in his second season and kept all the house guests on their toes with each and every move he made.

Zach Rance - Season 16

Zach wearing pink and winking in diary room

One of the most recognized house guests from season 16 was Zach Rance. He made it on the top 3 for America's Favorite House guests and was known as one half of Zankie.

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There was no doubt that Zach was one of the most entertaining players in his season. He was the most himself and even had his emotions revealed in the diary room. He was one of the most genuine cast members the show had seen in a while. He constantly said what was on his mind and didn't hold back when saying goodbye to his fellow house guests. He was both cocky and unpredictable, which is why fans appreciated him.

Da'Vonne Rogers - Season 17,18, 22

Da'vonne talking in the diary room

Da'Vonne has been one of the most talked about house guests in recent seasons of Big Brother. Her authentic personality and love for the game made her an instant fan favorite. She eventually went on to win America's Favorite House guest in her most recent season.

In each season she played in, Da'Vonne let it be known that she was a super-fan. Even though she has been well received by most fans, she was one of the most disappointing returning houseguests. She often helped the show stay grounded when she voiced how ridiculous other house guests were playing. Her straightforward attitude and sassy remarks made her enjoyable to watch each and every time. She also displayed various moments where she broke down in tears. She was a dynamic player that fans will always think back on.

Johnny "Johnny Mac" McGuire - Season 17

Johnny Mac holding veto in diary room

Johnny Mac was one personality from season 17 that stood out. He was a constant pawn while also being known as a "veto king." He also made top 3 of America's Favorite House Guest along with Jason Roy.

He was known for being eccentric and almost animated in his dairy rooms. His loud demeanor constantly made fans laugh while also saying what was on everyone's mind. Although he played the middle, he was still remembered as a game player and competitive threat. He was someone worth rooting for when the majority alliance steamed rolled, at times. And overall, he made the show entertaining and fun to watch.

Will Kirby And Mike "Boogie" Malin - Season 2 & 7

Mike and Will talking on fake calls in diary room

The "Chiltown" alliance consisted of Will and Boogie on both the seasons they competed in. It was hands down one of the most entertaining alliances in Big Brother. They both won their seasons and remained close friends and allies throughout both times. However, it was their hilarious-combined diary rooms that fans remember most.

They both coined the idea of discussing their genius game moves with each other in the diary room while making it seem like they were on a phone call with one another. They both laughed about how easy it seemed that they could get away with anything. These moments became iconic among the Big Brother fans and were eventually used against Boogie in season 14 by Britney when he got evicted. These moments between the two of them always kept fans laughing since it felt like they were in on the joke.

Britney Haynes - Big Brother 12 & 14

Britney BB14 talking in diary room closeup

Britney Haynes has been known to be one of the most entertaining house guests by her diary room sessions alone. She made it to the top 4 on her first season and won America's Favorite House Guest.

Britney was very dynamic and hilarious in her diary room sessions. She managed to show every side of her personality with her dark humor and sarcastic remarks regarding other house guests. She brought entertainment for the fans each time she was on the screen and didn't disappoint in season 14. She even got to be a part of the majority alliance this time around, which caused for more insight into her mind.

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