Big Brother: 10 Most Relatable Quotes From The Diary Room

When players on Big Brother enter the Diary Room to deliver their confessionals, thoughts, and soundbites, it’s the only time they can speak freely without repercussions. They reveal their evil plans to take down rivals, poke fun at events that occurred, or simply let go of emotions they have been carrying in the house.

Interestingly, many of the words spoken in the Diary Room are pretty relatable to situations in real life, providing some useful food for thought when considered in other contexts. While they aren’t particularly profound, looking deeper, there’s a lot of meaning behind them.


“This Is The Big Brother House. You Can Bounce Checks.”

Mike “Boogie Malin, Season 14

Mike Malin from Big Brother wearing a blue hat looking slyly off to the side

In real life, “bouncing checks” is generally frowned upon. Beyond the literal meaning, it essentially means making promises that can’t be kept. In Big Brother, this is par for the course. Anytime someone says something to another player, it’s often believed to be simply what that person wants to hear and not the truth.

Nonetheless, in certain situations, some in the real world may have felt that others “bounced checks” with them, acting as though it was a game like Big Brother and not something that would have real consequences. It’s no wonder this is one of the most memorable quotes from Big Brother.

“At The End Of The Day, Where Does My Loyalty Lie? With One Person, Myself.”

Dan Gheesling, Season 10

Dan smiles before a blue wall on Big Brother

Broken trust is something everyone has dealt with at one time or another, whether it was with a friend, family member, or even an employer. Indeed, it’s true that when it really comes down to it, the only person someone can truly trust is themselves.

This is what Dan wanted to get across when he was talking about going against people in his own alliance. He felt the need to act first because it might only be a matter of time before that person would go after him anyway. Even if they didn’t, his loyalties lied only within: it’s a game, after all, with the goal of winning in the end.

“He’s Not A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, I Am.”

Ian Terry, Season 14

Ian Terry holding up the Veto after his win on Big Brother.

Anyone who has ever been overlooked or underestimated understands this quote from underdog Ian Terry, one of the Big Brother players fans want to see return for an all-winners season. He laughed in the Diary Room about how others in the house viewed everyone but him as a threat and a person who was masking their true intentions.

In reality, it was Ian who was slyly playing a flawless game and inched out a win in the end. Being a wolf in sheep’s clothing generally has a negative connotation, but in the context of Big Brother, it’s the mark of a great player.

“I Always Hated Those Kids You Were Trying To Cheat From That Would Cover Their Papers.”

Jordan Lloyd, Season 11

Jordan wearing the humiltard on Big Brother, pretending to do ballet.

Jordan Lloyd was a fan favorite character. She came across as a down-to-earth young woman who was there to play but also wouldn’t harm her integrity by doing so. That's how she captured Jeff's heart.

What struggling student hasn’t cheated on a test in school? Jordan touches on this very subject with this humorous quote about trying to copy answers from a classmate who is covering their paper so it can’t be done.

“Who Wants To See My HoH Room? NOBODY!”

Britney Haynes, Season 12

Britney from Big Brother holding her finger to her mouth.

Britney was the queen at sarcasm and has so many memorable quotes on Big Brother. When she said this in a mocking voice, referencing the classic Big Brother question “who wants to see my HoH room?” by the newly crowned Head of Household, it was hilarious.

On the show, everyone feels obligated to walk upstairs and see the HoH’s personal photos and gift basket and hear them read their letter from loved ones. But in reality, a good majority of the people have no interest in being there. Most relatable to a business setting, it’s just like feeling obligated to attend a work-related event simply to show up and not out of desire to be there.

“I’m Going To Try And Avoid A Showmance. But Is Only Develops, I’m Not Going To Say No.”

Kyle Capener, Season 24

Alyssa and Kyle from Big Brother 24 standing outside in the backyard, smiling.

In the most recent season, Kyle said exactly what anyone who has decided they want to stay single for a while and focus on themselves has said before. This often happens right before meeting or seeing someone with potential as a new mate. That’s the one exception to the personal growth rule, and it always seems like that one person has the potential to be “the one” and allows for bending the rules a bit.

It’s difficult not to get distracted by beauty, spark, and connection. Kyle felt this instantly with Alyssa and ultimately could not hold back. It might not be called a showmance in the real world, but the sentiment still fits.

“I Get An Opportunity To Be Bad, Lie To People’s Faces, Be Evil…”

Taylor Hale, Season 24

Taylor puts her knuckles to her chin on Big Brother 24

The quote continues: “there’s a part of me that’s kind of always wanted to get into that, and now I have permission.” Also from season 24, Taylor Hale spoke words everyone has felt at one point or another in their lives. It’s fun to think about simply letting go of all morals and values and just being plain mean, saying what needs to be said to horrible people without fear of blowback.

In the game of Big Brother, that’s possible, at least to a degree, because once the game is done, the game is done. In the real world, however, as Taylor points out, those opportunities don’t exist. So being able to play a role can be cathartic in a way.

“Normally, People Can’t Keep Their God-D**n Mouth Closed.”

Dick Donato, Season 8

Dick Donato clapping in Big Brother.

It’s so true that oftentimes, people say awful things, or simply can’t stop talking about a particular subject, leading to conflict and drama. Sometimes in the Big Brother house, this holds true as well. Other times, people are so tight-lipped for fear of spilling secrets about an alliance or backdoor plan.

Dick was one of the most outspoken players ever on Big Brother. He was one who likely lives his life in the real world without ever keeping his mouth shut as well. He was always willing to be blunt, open, and honest, which can be both refreshing and dangerous in the real world.

“Slop To Me Is Like An Ex-Girlfriend. I Want Nothing To Do With It.”

Enzo Palumbo, Season 22

Enzo with a hat and white T-shirt in the Diary Room on Big Brother.

Enzo had some of the best quotes, and this analogy is one of the funniest things Enzo ever said on Big Brother. It’s hilarious because it’s true. Whether it’s an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, in many cases in real life, once a relationship is over, both parties don’t want anything to do with one another.

Slop, in the game of Big Brother, is an awful, tasteless oatmeal-type mix that those deemed Have Nots for each week must eat as their only form of sustenance. The punishment continues with only cold showers and subpar sleeping quarters. Much like an ex, having to endure any of these things is unfavorable.

“$5,000? That’s More Money Than I’ve Made In The Past Two Years!”

Hayden Moss, Season 12

Hayden from Big Brother, holding on to a rope and soaking wet.

It’s no secret that many young adults of this generation are struggling to make a living. While Hayden might have been embellishing with this comment, it’s true that winning even a seemingly small sum of money can make a huge difference for young people who are still trying to figure out their career paths, or who might even be in school.

The quote came in reference to a prize in a competition that Hayden was tempted to take instead of trying to win to ensure his safety or that of his alliance members. Sure, the big prize at the end is much more, but this is a generation of instant gratification. And any decent sum of money is enticing for someone who is simply getting by.

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