Big Brother: 10 Biggest Houseguest Meltdowns Fans Will Never Forget

Fans of Big Brother know just about every high-stakes emotion each house guest goes through every season. The game can get stressful at times and may show different sides to everyday people.

However, some past house guests know how hard it can be to keep it all together. From dealing with different personalities to going on the block, the players have been tested in many ways throughout the game. Some of the most notable meltdowns have had a long-standing reaction from fans over the course of many seasons.


GinaMarie Zimmerman - Season 15

Gina Marie smiling in diary room

The 15th season of the show introduced the MVP twist that essentially sent Nick home. Quickly after the eviction, GinaMarie and her allies were quick to accuse other house guests of the flip to vote him out. However, it was GinaMarie that took the eviction the hardest.

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She immediately began to sob over Nick leaving, locking herself in the bathroom. She began to attack the remaining house guests for not keeping him, calling them all out. Many fans find it funny because she'd only known him for two weeks. But, no matter what, GinaMarie never forget, and she carried around his hat during each eviction.

Kaitlin Herman - Season 20

Kaitlin standing by her puzzle in BB

Kaitlin was the 4th person evicted from the Big Brother house, but unlike many other house guests, she was given the opportunity to come back by assembling a 6-piece puzzle with the Bonus Life app twist. When she failed to do that, she broke down and was still sent home.

The house guests watched as Kaitlin struggled to put the puzzle together in a short amount of time. She broke under pressure and lost her way during the entirety of the mission. It was heartbreaking to watch her fumble at this seemingly easy task to get back into the house. However, she broke down during the challenge when she felt she was out of time. This eventually led to her essentially giving up and going home anyway. It was too bad because she had a lot of potential and provided entertainment on the feeds. This alone would give her a second chance to be another Big Brother house guest to join The Challenge.

Zach Rance - Season 16

Zach cries and yells in the diary room

When Frankie became public enemy number 1, he came up with a plan to tell the truth about his sister and his social media presence. He used this as a way to save himself. However, Zach didn't buy it.

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Frankie announced that he would be giving the winning money to charity which was something that set Zach off. He felt he had no chance at winning and cried to the diary room about wasting his time in the house when he should be the one to win. The breakdown was unexpected because Zach was Frankie's biggest ally. But fans will always remember his meltdown as he yelled into the camera.

Michelle Meyer - Season 18

Big Brother michelle in diary room

During BB18, Michelle was known to be a very emotional super-fan. One instance involved a playful prank between her and fellow house guest, Paul. It started when Paul put something in her mug that made her retaliate by throwing an apple at him. This resulted in a bruise and regret.

There were countless times Michelle let her emotions get the best of her. However, this moment was unexpected when she began to cry about being perceived as a "violent person." It seemed like she was terrified of the consequences and how it would make people on the outside view her. However, the house guests were there to comfort her, and even Paul let her know that it was just an accident and he was perfectly okay.

Chima Simone - Season 11

Closeup of Chima looking away

After many events that didn't go her way, Chima began to go against the producers by ignoring them. She eventually broke the rules by throwing her mic in the pool and calling the producers out. This led to her expulsion from the game.

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Fans of the series know how authentic Chima was. She will always be remembered for throwing the mike in the pool and not replacing it when the producers told her to. She constantly yelled back at the producers when they called for her. Ultimately, she had enough of the show when her HOH was taken over and one of her allies was evicted. Chima was a house guest fans of the show will never forget.

Britney Haynes - Season 12

Britney on big Brother stage smiling

This season was known for its strong alliance, "The Brigade." This consisted of 4 members and 3 that made it to the final 3. Unfortunately, Britney was part of their crossfires when she learned their loyalty to one another meant she was next on their totem pole.

During a meeting, Britney realized that she would have to be the one going home that week since there was an alliance that she never knew about. She knew she was doomed to go home but also felt betrayed by the members. She breaks down crying when she realizes that she wasted time thinking she had a chance when she didn't.

Jordan Lloyd - Season 13

jeff and Jordan on Big Brother stage

After Jeff's eviction during the double eviction in season 13, it was clear that Jordan and Rachel were upset. They now had to continue on without the rest of their alliance. However, Jordan took it the worst when she took all of her anger out on her former ally, Shelly.

Although Shelly had every reason to turn her back on Jeff, Jordan couldn't look past this and had a full-on meltdown as Rachel held her back. She ultimately felt betrayed and hurt, which made sense as to why she broke down crying. It was also one of the biggest betrayals that season, with both Jeff and Jordan never really forgiving Shelly. This was one of few moments that Jordan seemed aggressive towards another house guest. However, she usually came across sweet and innocent during most of her time on Big Brother, where she had many iconic quotes.

Jen Johnson - Season 8

Jen cries in diary room

During the memory wall reveal in season 8, the house guests got together to see their photos. However, Jen wasn't too pleased when she saw hers. It was one of the moments that immediately set her off into a fit of tears that confused all of her house guests.

This moment in season 8 is very memorable because not many people have reacted in this way after seeing their very own memory wall photo. The moment was made to be ridiculous as the other house guests found it bizarre and comical. And fans will always remember the sad music at during this segment and just how uncomfortable it was to witness. Despite this moment, she was still considered well-liked, and many fans believed she deserves a second chance to play.

Sabrina Abbate - Big Brother Canada 2

Sabrina cries in bedroom

One of the most iconic moments from the second season of Big Brother Canada 2 was the aftermath of fellow house guest Adel's nomination speech. This set Sabrina off on a tangent that became popular amongst Big Brother fans everywhere.

With many other seasons, being nominated usually doesn't end well. No one wants to be in danger of going home. Sabrina was one house guest that didn't appreciate the nomination and didn't appreciate Adel's speech that went along with it. Sabrina broke down in hysterics outside and began yelling about what makes good tv because she had enough. Ultimately, this tantrum led to the memorable moment that fans often find themselves quoting. And perhaps, it did make for good tv looking back.

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother UK

BB UK Nikki yelling in diary room

One of the most of the most memorable meltdowns was from Big Brother UK contestant Nikki Graham back in 2006.

Nikki was a fan favorite that went into the diary room to vent after she received a vote from fellow house guest Susie. At this moment, she goes on a tantrum about how confused she was about being nominated that quickly became one of her memorable Big Brother moments. The arm movements and her raised voice set the moment in place and are often remembered by Big Brother fans everywhere as well.

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