Batman's Best Signature Perks in MultiVersus

Within MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform fighter game featuring characters from numerous Warner Bros. properties, the world's greatest detective Batman comes equipped with everything he needs to hold his own against a wacky roster of characters. Once unlocked, or when available as one of the free rotating characters in MultiVersus, Batman can be a strong Bruiser archetype that uses their strong tools to be a jack of all trades in battle. If selected frequently enough, players who level up Batman gain access to two signature perks that heighten the abilities of one of the world's finest.


Batman's mechanics in MultiVersus are catered to expose an opponent's weaknesses, then go for a knockout with deadly precision. Following the usual expectations of the Bruiser class, Batman can take a surprising amount of punishment from his foes while dealing plenty in return. A straightforward character with some gimmicks that make them stand out from others on the roster, Batman is a consistent character with a clear approach to each match. In a game where platforms are key, Batman also possesses some of the best mobility in the game, capable of gliding at extreme speeds to reposition themselves at the player's discretion.

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While some characters on the roster of MultiVersus earn three Signature Perks after leveling up over time, Batman only learns two. However, each of these Perks ties to core aspects of the strategies Batman employs. From a direct bolstering of passive abilities that already give him an advantage to increasing the effectiveness of an already fantastic special move, Batman's Signature Perks are few, but players may have a hard time deciding on which to equip.

The Best Signature Perks To Equip As Batman

Batman is MultiVersus' best Bruiser.

After upgrading Batman to Mastery Level 8, the first Signature Perk Bouncerang will be unlocked. Until Mastery Level 10, players can only use this Signature Perk before being rewarded with the next one after leveling up. Should they choose, players could select the next Signature Perk Precision Grapple instead.

Bouncerang Exposes Enemies Weaknesses

One of the factors that make Batman one of the strongest Bruisers in MultiVersus is his gadgets. The Batarang projectile is a large obstacle that returns to Batman after being thrown, able to damage enemies at any time during its travel. Upon hitting an opponent, it applies a passive debuff status called Weakened. When Weakened, foes take more damage and have greater knockback, making them easier to knockout on hit. Combined with his Flying Uppercut attack to also apply stacks of Weakened, Batman's potential for sending his rogue's gallery flying is staggering.

The Signature Perk Bouncerang takes all the advantages of the Batarang and Weakened condition and heightens them further. When this Perk is equipped, a Batarang that hits an opponent on its return trip to Batman immediately applies maximum stacks of Weakened. With the Weakened condition being untouched by MultiVersus development in the recent Morty update, this Perk no doubt continues to be a strong tool while being extremely powerful in the right hands. Players can utilize this Perk to always create dangerous situations where enemies are always at risk of being knocked out in only a few blows.

Precision Grapple Disrupts Attacks From Others

Batman aiming his grapnel gun on Themyscira in MultiVersus

A signature special move that Batman can use in MultiVersus is their Bat-Grapple. Firing a grappling hook that will attach itself to a foe, Batman speeds toward them while dealing some damage along the way. Players are capable of controlling the placement of the hook as well, so that it may grip a part of the stage environment instead of an enemy when pulling them forward. The design of this tool feels very at home in 1v1 battles but can confuse players that might accidentally find the wrong target against more than one enemy.

The Signature Perk Precision Grapple changes the default use of Bat-Grapple to make a greater impact when it attaches to an enemy. With this Perk equipped, Batman creates a powerful blast when arriving at their destination after using the grappling hook. The AoE damage is counterbalanced through reduced knockback and damage upon enemies that are hit while traveling. Players may find this Signature Perk great for helping out teammates being pressured by more than one opponent at a time, using the blast to disrupt attacks and reset adverse situations.

All the simple and understandable applications to Batman's gameplay make him one of the best characters to start with when players begin MultiVersus. The Dark Knight continues to be a powerful character with great abilities to help dismantle foes with gadgets while gliding across the screen in the blink of an eye. With these Signature Perks proving Batman always has a plan, players can showcase even more skills one of the founders of the Justice League has to offer.

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