Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Returns for Season 2 with WEBTOON

The partnership between DC Comics and WEBTOON is continuing with the return of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures. The Eisner Award-nominated series just began its second season, and fans have plenty to look forward to with the Bat-Family's latest adventures.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures was the first digital webcomic to be released as part of WEBTOON and DC's current partnership. A year after it's September 2021 debut, three additional webcomics have been released: Vixen: NYC, Zatanna & The Ripper, and Red Hood: Outlaws. The debut webcomic concluded its first season in August, but has already made its triumphant return.


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Fans didn't have to wait too long for Batman: Wayne Family Adventures' return on September 28. The series has the creative team of StarBite, CRC Payne, Maria Li, Geoniya Acuna, Lan Ma, Suzi Blake, Kielamel Sibal, C. M. Cameron, Susan Cheng, and Wil Kennedy. The second season began with Episode 52 - "Assassin" and already has eight Fast Pass-able episodes. Thus far, sixty episodes have been revealed, but there are likely plenty on the way considering how long season one was. The series has focused on Bruce Wayne's adopted family and their slice-of-life adventures, which have invited fans to see both lighthearted and very emotional aspects that other DC Comics series have highlighted in very different ways.

DC Comics & WEBTOON Put a Fresh New Spin on Fan-Favorite Heroes

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DC's webcomics have proven to be effective at standing on their own and delivering fresh perspectives, origins, and adventures for each featured character/team. Each series builds on the titular heroes' comic histories, while putting new twists and blending aspects of their origins and lives into brand-new narratives. Existing outside of current comic happenings, these stories are completely accessible to long-time fans as well as comic fans who have yet to jump into the most recent series - or who have yet to meet these characters at all! They're the perfect introductions to DC's newest chapter of storytelling.

Marie Javins, Editor-in-Chief of DC, shares DC's excitement for its endeavor with WEBTOON:

DC is excited for more hilariously heartwarming slice-of-life Batman stories - we love Wayne Family Adventures! We're even more delighted with the WEBTOON format re-imaginings of our other iconic characters, like VIXEN and RED HOOD. As a fan myself, I always look forward to seeing these stories told with a playful approach, and as an editor, it's interesting to see how the incredible WEBTOON talent stays true to each character while telling fresh, new stories.

David Lee, VP of Content at WEBTOON, is excited for readers to continue enjoying Batman's latest adventure:

The reader response to the first season of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures was beyond our expectations - it not only brought Bat-Family fans to WEBTOON, but also introduced new fans on WEBTOON to this legendary cast of characters in the Batman mythos. It has been a smash success and we can't wait for readers to experience the new adventures in store for the Wayne family this season.

With its recent series, WEBTOON and DC have been targeting the next generations of readers, particularly Gen Z - who make up the majority of WEBTOON readers in the U.S. Already Netflix has adapted several series from the webcomic publisher, including All of Us Are Dead, Hellbound, The Sound of Magic, and Sweet Home. Considering the success of the Bat-Family's adventures, it would be a great treat if the series was ever adapted into an animated format. For now, however, fans can get their slice-of-life fix every Wednesday with DC Comics' and WEBTOON's Batman: Wayne Family Adventures.