Batman: Arkham — Which Playable Character Are You, Based On Your Enneagram Type?

Batman: Arkham players will have to wait a little longer for the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s release, which was delayed from its initial launch window to early 2023. Still, the Arkham series already has plenty of characters that players have been able to control across the original four entries.

These range from Batman himself to foes such as the Joker and allies such as Robin. Batman's roster of characters have endured for more than 80 years before of their unique and colorful personalities, and it can be fun to drill down in the Arkham cast's personality types through the lens of the Enneagram. Whether it’s someone chaotic like Harley Quinn or fierce like Jason Todd, there’s an Enneagram Personality Type that everyone aligns with.


Type 1: Reformer – Catwoman

Catwoman in a lab in Batman Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is considered to be one of the best video game sequels ever made, with Catwoman first appearing in this game. Enneagram Type One personalities are known to be perfectionists with an eye for accuracy. Catwoman was in the same vein, as Batman turned to her when he needed the aid of a sharp person.

Type Ones are calculated but also wise, while their enhanced attributes can also make them impatient and resentful. Catwoman didn't have any love for Gotham, feeling the city was responsible for her status as a villain-turned-anti-hero. She was also impatient in battle unlike Batman, as Catwoman wanted to do away with problems straight away.

Type 2: Helper – Tim Drake

Tim Drake in the Batcave in Batman Arkham Knight

Type Twos are warm, caring, and try very hard to please those they admire. Tim displayed these characteristics as the third Robin, wanting to prove to Batman that he could be a hero on his own. Tim always wanted Bruce’s approval, which drove him to try daring acts.

Enneagram Type Twos usually mean well, and their need to be loved is what drives them in their decisions. Tim did much the same in Batman: Arkham Knight when his love for Barbara kept him in Gotham when it was overrun by Scarecrow’s forces.

Type 3: Achiever – Dick Grayson

Nightwing preparing to fight in Batman Arkham Knight

Dick Grayson had become Nightwing by the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, shown to be a self-assured, competent, and poised hero. Type Three Enneagrams fall under these attributes, as they are known for their charming demeanor and tendency to remain levelheaded.

Dick was cordial and helpful to Batman but maintained that he was now his own man, wanting to remain independent. Type Three personalities will admire this kind of poise that Dick displayed since they prefer to be in charge of their decisions rather than take orders.

Type 4: Individualist – Barbara Gordon

Oracle listening to Batman in Arkham Knight

Barbara was almost always in the protagonist’s ear during the hardest challenges in Batman: Arkham. Her good judgment, sensitive nature, and honest attitude can be found in Type Four Enneagram personalities. These people can be moody, but they are also very emotionally aware.

Barbara was the person who got Batman to admit to the worries that plagued them, with this kind of personal attitude reminiscent of a Type Four’s demeanor. The disdain these personalities can have for certain regrets was also evident in Barbara for the event that caused her to lose the ability to walk and retire as Batgirl.

Type 5: Investigator – Batman

Batman standing in the rain in Arkham Knight

Type Five personalities are insightful and curious people who have great powers of innovation. Batman came up with the wildest tactics throughout the Arkham series to go along the lines of this Enneagram. Batman’s independence, inventiveness, and alertness are all qualities native to Type Fives.

These personalities can come up with complex solutions that usually bamboozle others, with Batman pulling such tricks in each entry. The Dark Knight’s intuition was his greatest strength, capable of reading all kinds of environments to put down every foe that crossed his path.

Type 6: Loyalist – Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon talking to Batman in Arkham Knight

Type Sixes are the most reliable ones to have around, as their trustworthiness and dedication are hard to find. These personalities believe in hard work to reach their goals, although a side effect of this is that they can be stressed more often than not.

Jim Gordon fits the Enneagram Type Six, having worked tirelessly in Gotham due to the abundance of villains present. Gordon’s stress was particularly high in Batman: Arkham Knight after Oracle’s capture. But the commissioner was still Batman’s reliable ally through and through.

Type 7: Enthusiast – The Joker

Joker sneering into the camera in Batman Arkham City

There’s no doubt that The Joker is the best villain in the Batman series, with the villain living on in Bruce’s mind in Arkham Knight even after his death. Type Seven Enneagrams are extroverted, spontaneous, incredibly versatile, and have a playful spirit - Joker embodied these attributes to the maximum.

The Clown Prince of Crime was an excitable person even when he was staring down certain death, with his spontaneity one of his defining factors since he made his evil plans up on the fly. Although Type Sevens aren’t insane like Joker was, they have a chaotic aspect that’s hard to miss.

Type 8: Challenger – Jason Todd

Arkham Knight standing in the rain

Type Eight personalities are known for their boldness, determination, and incredible stamina toward the goals they have. The Arkham Knight was completely driven in his attempt to destroy Batman, to the point where he turned on Scarecrow despite initially working for him.

Although Arkham Knight/Red Hood's role was changed from the comics in Batman: Arkham Knight, his headstrong and stubbornness was evident even when in his original identity as Jason Todd, with the character known to be angry and passionate. Type Eights are very confident, so much so that it can blind them - Jason had Batman beat several times, but tables turned due to his recklessness.

Type 9: Peacemaker – Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn walking in Arkham in Batman Arkham Knight

Type Nines are known for being agreeable, cooperative, and can be trusted to great levels. Harley Quinn was such a person for The Joker, to the point where she easily took over his gang in Batman: Arkham Knight. Her cooperativeness even extended toward Batman, to whom she wasn’t as hostile as Joker was.

Type Nine personalities generally go with the flow but can be chaotic when they’re under stress. Harley showcased these attributes when she could improvise in encounters against Batman but would lose her composure when her plans didn’t work out.

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