Batman: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Bat Family

With The Batman sequel on the horizon, Nightwing leading Titans into its fourth season, and the third season of Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler landing its new home on HBO Max, the Bat Family is enjoying time in the spotlight - or is that Bat signal? In the beginning, there was Batman and Robin, but eventually, the Bat Family grew into a chaotic clan of beloved misfits, each with their own fervent fanbase.

Melodramatic, prone to vengeful rage, and each eager to make a name for themselves, members of the Bat Family are a unique bunch, and these memes perfectly capture their dynamic. Whether fans are eager to lampoon Batman's over-seriousness, Nightwing's temper-tantrums, Red Hood's broodiness, or Batgirl's altruism, every superhero in the Bat Family is special, right down to Alfred and Ace the Bat-Hound.


The Bat Family Starter Pack

Sometimes the Bat Family is melodramatic, and sometimes its fanbase is. This meme pokes fun at the various controversies that have plagued certain heroes like Batgirl, Robin, and Batman over the years, along with the rest of the crew that doesn't get as much attention, such as Ace.

Every member of the Bat Family is important to a certain section of its fanbase, so it's not surprising for fans to get incredibly protective about certain characters and their plot lines, enough to harass certain writers online, or defend certain writers despite evidence of problematic behavior. The adventures of the Bat Family clearly inspire some strong emotions in fans, and that's a hallmark of good storytelling, no matter how much approval varies widely.

Batman Every Time A Robin Dies

The loss of Robin is a common Batman trope throughout comics involving the Bat Family. The first Robin, Dick Grayson, has died several times in often creative ways. At one point, Damian even had a hand in (accidentally) killing Grayson after he'd become Nightwing and took on his superhero persona.

RELATED: The 10 Saddest DC Comics Moments Ever, According To RankerThis meme pokes fun at the fact that as Batman grows older, the age of his replacement Robins stays the same. While humorous on its own, it also inherently provides some interesting dramatic tension, as generational differences crop up during training and even as the dynamic duo fights together.

The Bat Family Is All That Matters

It's often been said that with enough prep-time, Batman could defeat any DC superhero or villain thanks to his intellect, resourcefulness, and unlimited wealth. It's possible that another component of his success in the streets of Gotham City is his Bat Family, who are always willing to lend a hand in fighting crime.

This meme suggests that the Bat Family isn't dissimilar to Dom's family from The Fast and the Furious franchise, about a group of car thieves that bond with the danger of each increasing heist. While Batman might not approve of their behavior, he wouldn't be able to find fault with Dom's devotion to those he cares about.

The Bat Family Can Be Depressed

Beginning with Batman, the Bat Family has seen a lot of tragedy. Bruce Wayne lost his parents at a young age, as did Dick Grayson. There are almost no members of the Bat Family who haven't had to watch someone they care about be killed or lost to some kind of ideological manipulation.

Part of the reason the Bat Family remains so close, even as the members change, is due to knowing what abandonment and loss feel like. Tragedy brings them closer together, and they bond over their shared trauma. Being there for one another doesn't make the pain disappear, but it does make it bearable, and that says a lot about the Bat Family.

The Bat Family Bat Chart

Every member of the Bat Family has a different temperament, which is to be expected considering how self-serious Batman can be. Even among the Robins, whereas Dick Grayson might be patient and playful, Jason Todd might be vengeful and bitter, and Batgirl vacillates between being indifferent and playing peace-keeper.

RELATED: The 10 Best DC Heroes Without SuperpowersAs this meme chart clearly reveals using a theoretical situation involving a child crying on a bus, each member of the Bat Family would respond differently to the sound. Whether it's Batman or Cassandra Cain making it cry, or Alfred just staying out of the whole affair, each character has a specific way of approaching (and resolving) a situation.

Nobody Likes Jason Todd

Jason Todd has always been a black sheep in the Bat Family, even more than The Signal. In the early '80s, he was supposed to succeed Dick Grayson as Batman's new sidekick, but his troubled past required Batman to mentor him with a heavier hand and as a result, their relationship was always full of problems.

Despite their issues, when Todd was presumed dead at the Joker's hands, Batman blamed himself. Even when Todd was found to secretly be the anti-hero Red Hood, old wounds between the pair were difficult to heal. Todd is one of the best fighters in the Bat Family, but due to his violent streak, he's never been popular among other members, which has only made him more popular to his fans.

Bruce Wayne Has A Particular Type For The Bat Family

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Looking at the members of the Bat Family, it seems that Bruce Wayne has a particular type despite their wildly different personalities. Even if Red Hood acts out, Azrael becomes a megalomaniac, and Cassandra goes on a killing spree, he seems to have collected them all based on similar physical traits. They're all connected through their association with Bruce's desire to make a family from misfits, which proves to be a powerful bond.

This meme reminds fans about the Wayne patriarch's penchant for black haired orphans with blue eyes, but whether every version of Robin started to look alike, the pull of family was always too strong to resist. Whatever grievances the Bat Family had with one another, they worked it out for the sake of not having to face the world alone.

Jason Todd Is The Bat Family Wild Card

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Not everyone who assumes the mantle of the Boy Wonder can handle the rigors of the job. Aside from the physical and mental intensity of it and a demanding mentor in Batman, it requires adherence to a strict code of conduct. Every Robin has to make sure they don't cross a line, no matter their personal feelings on a matter.

RELATED: 10 Things Only True Comic Fans Know About Red HoodThis Community meme combining all the Robins past and present demonstrates that by comparison, Jason Todd is the most chaotic and disruptive person to assume the persona, with Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, and Dick Grayson seen as much more well-behaved. Given their varied origin stories, Todd's juvenile delinquency and violent past is often cited as the reason for his outbursts, though that's a bit of an oversimplification towards a character who has since become better developed as Red Hood.

Killing Is Wrong In The Bat Family

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Batman is notorious for not using guns and seeing criminals stand trial rather than killing them in the streets of Gotham. He's tried to coach his sidekicks to feel the same, but some Robins sing a different tune. Where Dick Grayson and Tim Drake align themselves more with his attitude on violence, Jason Todd and Damian Wayne do not.

Being a flawed hero who often has more in common with the villains he locks away in Arkham Asylum than the heroes in the Justice League, Batman doesn't exactly represent the best role model for impressionable boys who got dealt a rotten hand in life. And in certain comics, Batman's been known to kill people, too.

No One Wants To Be Batman In The Bat Family

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When Damian Wayne was born, he became heir to not only the vast Wayne empire, but the criminal empire of Ra's al Ghul. With a foot in two worlds, he struggled to adjust at times, but it was mostly assumed that one day he would don the cape and cowl of his father.

Like Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake, Damian's also upheld the Robin name (as well as Red Robin), which has come with its own consequences. After a little time on the job and a lot of time spent around a morose and moody Bruce, any Robin quickly realizes that being Batman isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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