Barney Gets An Unsettling Twist In New Peacock Docuseries Trailer

New Peacock docuseries I Love You, You Hate Me will explore the darker side of beloved children's character Barney the Dinosaur. Created by Sheryl Leach, Barney first appeared on-screen in the 1988 series Barney and the Backyard Gang, before going on to star in PBS' Barney & Friends from 1992 to 2010. The character also featured in the 1998 film Barney's Great Adventure. Famous for his signature appearance, educational value, teachings of love, compassion, and positivity, and catchy "I Love You" song, the purple dinosaur is beloved by a generation of kids who grew up with the character's TV show.


According to a new docuseries on Peacock, announced in November 2021, Barney's legacy was marred by a dark side. Directed by Tommy Avallone, the series will chronicle the rise and fall of the popular children's character. Featuring interviews with members of the cast and crew from both Barney series, including Barney actors David Joyner and Bob West, the two-part docuseries is said to explore the aggressive backlash to Barney's messages of unconditional love, which were met with instances of "Barney-bashing" and other forms of hatred.

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Now, Peacock releases an I Love You, You Hate Me trailer, which centers on the violent reaction that the character of Barney inspired in those who missed the point of his inclusive series. The video alternates between footage of Barney in Barney & Friends and Barney and the Backyard Gang as well as cast and crew interviews, which highlight a violent public response to their uplifting series.

Peacock's Barney Doc Already Has People Talking

Barney and Friends

With gritty docuseries on a rise in popularity across streaming platforms, it's interesting to see the dark side of the mostly beloved and unassuming children's show. The trailer has already sparked a big conversation online, with users on social media ranging in their reactions from questioning the necessity of the series to expressing amusement over the ominous framing of the trailer despite Barney's lighthearted content. Some wondered whether the docuseries would be satirical, with others pointing out that - regardless of whether it is necessary or silly - they watched the trailer multiple times, signaling its entertaining potential.

The official synopsis for I Love You, You Hate Me indicates that the Peacock doc will move beyond Barney by exploring "the human need to hate." With its interest in breaking down hate culture, which has only been fueled thanks to the rise of social media, the docuseries may surprise amused users by offering meaningful and relevant commentary on the contemporary phenomenon. I Love You, You Hate Me, which comes out October 12, is not the only Barney-related media that fans of the loving purple dinosaur can look forward to, with a live-action Barney movie starring Daniel Kaluuya announced in 2019.

Source: Peacock