Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Builds Working Combat Arena In-Game

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan built an entire working combat arena in their game. Animal Crossing has become a place for fans to explore their creativity and build whatever their hearts desire. There have been many interesting rooms created since the Happy Home Builder expansion was released, like a Breaking Bad meets Animal Crossing superlab or a perfect Taco Bell replica, but none quite like this.

Since New Horizons debuted in the height of the pandemic, players were able to spend a good amount of time coming up with their best ideas. Players could rework their homes and islands a few times over before they were happy with their choices, and many would ask the internet for help with design ideas. Some players would come up with cohesive scenes for their entire island, while others would choose different themes they wanted to explore in different areas. Island tours became a fun and exciting thing for players to do, and many would get inspiration from visiting a friend or acquaintance's island. Even celebrities joined in on the Animal Crossing fun and would make streams or videos showing off their islands.


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Reddit user CarnivalChrish decided to make a full-on combat arena in their game. This is complete with spectator seating, a ring with a design in the middle, and sponsorship banners on the back. The video CarnivalChrish shared was of a mustachioed character in sumo-wrestling attire going head-to-head with another player. The players attempt to knock each other out of the ring and into one of the holes that are dug around the outside. The mustachioed character succeeds in knocking their rival into the hole and ends the video posing for the crowd.

Anyone Can Join Animal Crossing's New Fight Club

Fight! Fight! Fight!💥🥊 from acnh

For players who are curious about joining the fun, CarnivalChrish opens their island to other players once a week. Players visiting should be sure to follow the unspoken rules of visiting an Animal Crossing island to be courteous to the host for opening their gates. The creator mentioned they have two islands with 40 different mini-games set up for players to take part in with friends or strangers. They suggest following them on Reddit in order to learn about the different mini-games and to know when the island is open for visitors.

The amount of creativity that Animal Crossing players have is endless. There are so many intricate designs fans can create and fun ideas of things players can add to their islands. Some players might be ready for a change of scenery or theme, especially if they want to destroy their New Horizons islands and start fresh. The islands that CarnivalChrish has are a perfect example of getting a community together to enjoy what this game has to offer. Though many play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on their own, it can be a game that people can experience together, and now even one where they can battle against each other.

Source: CarnivalChrish/Reddit