Alien Resurrection's Controversial Twist Is Finally Being Done Right

This article contains spoilers for Alien #1

Even the most die-hard fans of the Alien franchise have some criticisms regarding the fourth installment of the film series, Alien Resurrection, including the controversial twist having to do with the main character of Alien, Ripley. While a seemingly risky move, it looks like the newest addition to Alien lore is repeating a similar twist, only this time, the creative team behind the project has the chance to do it right.

1997’s Alien Resurrection is the fourth film in the Alien franchise, and it takes a truly unique approach to the continuation of the established canon. Set 200 years after the events of Alien 3, this film follows a ship full of military scientists working to weaponize the Xenomorphs. Unfortunately, the last of the species was seemingly destroyed on LV-426 following the absolute obliteration of Hadley’s Hope in the film Aliens. Though Alien 3 revealed that a few of the creatures managed to climb aboard an escape vessel with one of them impregnating Ripley. By the end of the movie, Ripley sacrifices herself and kills the last known Xenomorph in the process. However, Alien Resurrection shows that scientists were able to clone Ripley for the sole purpose of growing their very own Xenomorph since she presumably carried the last of the species–but in that process, Ripley’s clone’s DNA was intertwined with that of a Xenomorph, turning her into a superhuman hybrid.


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In Alien #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Julius Ohta, readers are introduced to a paradise world created by Weyland-Yutani, but the darkness beneath the surface quickly reveals itself. Aside from being a total human utopia, this planet was used as a primary research center for scientific experimentation involving Xenomorphs. While the main focus of this issue is on a drug that was synthesized within this facility that was derived from the Xenomorph species, one character goes into how much more horrifying some of those experiments really were.

Alien Resurrection is being done right.

When the military tries to recruit a decommissioned squad of synthetic soldiers known as Steel Team for a mission no human could hope to pull off, the general in charge of the mission to recruit the androids tells them exactly how dire the situation is. In short, the Steel Team is tasked with infiltrating Weyland-Yutani’s lab and retrieving the life-saving drugs that were made there, but the general fills them in on the darker experiments that were done there as well–including human experimentation. According to the general, the scientists within this particular lab were working on human/Xenomorph hybrids. This revelation is huge in terms of its implications for the rest of the series as it could introduce a whole new monster in the established Alien canon for the first time in decades. As exciting as this reveal could be for the future of the franchise, however, there is still one thing that puts a damper on it all: Alien Resurrection.

Alien Resurrection already covered a great deal of ground that this series will seemingly be delving into, and overall, people were not fans of that creative direction. Xenomorph clones and human/Xeno hybrids fueled fans' hatred, but while it seems like the current series is setting itself up for failure, that may not actually be the case. While fans were critical over the heightened scientific experimentation surrounding the cosmically horrifying Xenomorph, the main criticism seemed to be the direction in which Ripley’s character was taken. Bringing Ripley back as an Alien clone felt like an attempt at reclaiming the former glory of the first two installments of the franchise rather than using this fourth film as an opportunity to reshape the series as a whole. Essentially, gene-splicing clones and Xenomorph experimentation were never the problems with Alien Resurrection, it was the fact that it happened to Ripley–which is not an issue the current Alien comic series will be running into.