A Young Girl Seeks Great Adventure In Sci-fi Film Vesper [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant can exclusively present a clip from the new sci-fi film Vesper, which arrives in select theaters and On Demand September 30. Already officially selected for Karlovy Vary Festival, Beyond Fest, Fantasia Fest, and Fantastic Fest this year, the film has been riding high on critical acclaim and a warm public reception. From the moment the first official poster was unveiled, it was clear that the story of one young girl's fight against synthetic biology gone wrong had the power to touch audiences.


The young girl at the heart of Vesper is the eponymous 13-year-old (played by Raffiella Chapman, The Theory of Everything), who uses her skills to survive in a world set after the Earth's ecosystem has collapsed. Her paralyzed father Darius (Richard Brake) is able to accompany her as a floating consciousness, but she otherwise struggles to scavenge alone—save for when her shady uncle Jonas (Eddie Marsan, Sherlock Holmes) offers his help for a price. When Vesper witnesses an aerial crash, a series of events kick off meant to grant her safe passage to the Citadel, where state-of-the-art biotechnology keep the wealthiest members of society in comfort.

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Screen Rant's exclusive clip from Vesper showcases the kind of man Jonas is, as well as the stoic bravery its protagonist shows in the face of adversity. Vesper goes to visit her uncle after her home's generator has been sabotaged and their bacteria is all gone. While espousing the importance of family sticking together and bemoaning the mysterious Citadel and its raising prices, Jonas provides some momentary relief while cautioning Vesper against wasting resources on these types of emergencies. Watch the full clip below:

The dialogue and proceedings of the above Vesper clip may be disorienting when watched out of context, but it's there is no doubt that directors Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper (who co-wrote the screenplay with Brian Clark) are savoring the world-building that makes Vesper's setting so different from life as viewers know it. The seeds being planted in early scenes of the film like this one will blossom fully once the young heroine sets out on her adventure and learns the truth about the Citadel and the organic plant technology around her.

Other recent releases from IFC Films include the World War II film Burial, the character-driven thriller God's Country, and the space adventure Rubikon. Vesper has a runtime of 114 minutes and is not yet rated.