90 Day Fiancé: Stacey Shares Sneak Peek Of New Cosmetic Procedure

Stacey Silva from the 90 Day FiancĂ© franchise is undergoing a new cosmetic procedure and has recently posted a picture while promising to share her results afterward. The 48-year-old reality star is most known for her plastic surgery addiction, which she shares with her twin sister, Darcey Silva. Over the past few years, the Silva siblings have obsessively changed their looks and have drastically transformed their bodies. While some 90 Day FiancĂ© fans praise their new physical appearances, others don’t. But all fans agree that the twin sisters no longer look like each other, thanks to years of cosmetic alteration.

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However, the sisters never really care about what social media users think. Instead, they continue to get new surgeries and show their results. Recently, Stacey shared a story, revealing that she’s getting another cosmetic procedure on her face. “Getting snatched by the one and only Dr. Ron,” the Connecticut native proudly wrote while posting a selfie of herself. The picture showed Stacey lying on a chair while showing off her face, which still had some lotion. She added, “Numbing cream on and ready for the golden hands famous celebrity Dr. Ron!!”

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90 Day Fiancé's Stacey May Have Opted For A Facial

Stacey Silva on 90 Day Fiancé

Stacey seemed super happy in her Instagram post and was quite excited that she’s getting work done by Dr. Ron DeMeo, who is a health and beauty expert. According to his profile on Instagram, he specializes in “True Total Definer High Definition Liposuction Theadmaster Cosmetic Surgery.” Currently, both Silva sisters are following the famous doctor, who boasts over 620K followers on his social media page. The 90 Day FiancĂ© franchise alum tagged “@meridianmedspa” in her post, which is Dr. DeMeo’s place of work. A few weeks ago, Stacey also got microblading and lips done by another beautician named Anastasiia Zolotova.

While Stacey seemingly enjoys her weekly procedures, 90 Day FiancĂ© fans feel she needs to slow down. Her latest photo in the story reveals that her face looks perfectly fine and doesn’t need any cosmetic enhancements. Therefore, undergoing yet another treatment doesn’t make much sense. Many fans fear that if Stacey continues to get cosmetic procedures, she may ruin her natural looks or negatively affect her mental health. From the looks of it, the 90 Day FiancĂ© cast member seems more excited about getting another procedure by the celebrity doctor than anything else.

If Stacey’s reason for getting the treatment isn’t the “golden hands,” then chances are that she may be dealing with some skin issue that she hasn’t revealed to her fans. Since she usually posts heavily edited photos on her page and uses a lot of filters, viewers rarely get to see her natural face. Moreover, she also uses a lot of makeup and other cosmetics, which makes it even harder to tell if she had any underlying issues beforehand. In any case, 90 Day FiancĂ© viewers hope Stacey will be satisfied with her new procedure and share her new look.