It’s taken a lot longer than anyone could have predicted, but MCU’s Black Widow is finally set for release. The movie was filmed over two years ago, but a combination of external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Disney's own hope for cinemas to reopen has meant that its actual release has been delayed this long.

Now that the film’s release is confirmed to be July 9, 2021, fans have made use of memes as a way to demonstrate their levels of hype. These are especially hilarious since they poke fun at fans' mannerisms like their reactions over the release date reveal and their response over the promotional material. All in all, it’s really a celebration for the long time MCU fans have spent waiting for Black Widow.


Updated on September 11th, 2022 by Jordan Iacobucci: True legends never die. Heroes like Natasha Romanoff live on in the hearts of her biggest fans. Even one year after the long-delayed debut of the Avenger's solo film, fans are still talking about the movie that kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe's fourth phase. Now, as Phase 4 draws to its looming conclusion in November's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, audiences look back on some of the funniest memes celebrating Black Widow's release.

Isn't It About Time Already?

In early 2021, it certainly seemed like the Black Widow movie just couldn't catch a break, with an ever-changing release date due to the ever-looming threat of the coronavirus pandemic. When all was said and done, the long-awaited film premiered a full fourteen months later than its originally announced release date.

To this end, this fan thinks there’s a whole Black Widow saga in play regarding release dates, seeing as this was the fourth entry in a long line of delays. Fans were quite pleased, however, to find this to be the final “sequel” to the ongoing drama surrounding the movie's release.

The Perfect Example Of Throwing A Bone

The MCU fanbase was left to rely on fan theories for the Black Widow movie due to the number of delays. It seems as if the studio realized just how long viewers have been waiting for and decided to give them a bonus by releasing trailers for both Black Widow and the Loki series in similar timeframes.

While trailers are a far cry from the final product, it was certainly a good way to keep fans happy long enough for them to wait just a little bit more for the release dates to arrive.

That's Just Not Fair

It doesn’t matter that Iron Man was in the MCU for as many as eleven years before his demise as fans still wanted him to be in the series for longer. Before the film's release, it was heavily rumored that Tony would appear in the Black Widow film and, while this was unfortunately not the case, fans had plenty of theories about what his cameo might look like.

Some fans morbidly speculated that the only footage of Tony in Black Widow would be a revisiting of his death scene in Avengers: Endgame, which would have undoubtedly only broken fans' hearts even more than his absence from the film.

Something's Not Right

The trailer for Black Widow answered one of the long-running questions about the character’s parentage, with Alexei Shostakov confirmed as her father-figure. However, most fans have been fixated on David Harbour’s hairstyle in the film.

To this end, the creator of this meme has joked about confusing Harbour for one of the actresses of Black Widow by pretending they’ve accidentally included him in the credits. While the character proved to be one of the best parts of the film, it was Harbour’s wig that won him some early fans.

Spoiling The Party

The main reason why Black Widow was continuously delayed was due to Disney’s reluctance to release the film on home media. However, the uncertain landscape that came with the coronavirus pandemic eventually caused the company to release the film in theaters and on Disney+ as simultaneously.

This meme takes on new meaning in the wake of Scarlett Johanssen's falling out with Disney following its hybrid release of Black Widow. Though all seems to be smoothed over between the company and the actress now, fans still remember the harsh battle between Disney and the Avenger.

At Least They Admit It

While many fans disparaged the idea of a film centered around Natasha Romanoff, the final trailer for Black Widow further proved that MCU media will always be hyped no matter the circumstances surrounding them.

The detractors of Black Widow claimed that the movie’s delays had caused a lack of interest amongst the fanbase due to the constant bait-and-switch over its release. However, the instant craze for the release of its trailer has led those same critics to admit that they were very wrong.

Nostalgia Bait

Even if the entire trailer failed to hype fans for the film's release, the title sequence most certainly would have amended this error, thanks to its use of the Avengers theme song, which was given a Russian twist as a way of acknowledging Black Widow’s background.

This theme alone was enough to get fans even more excited about the film's release, as they were brought back to brighter days when movies were released on time and the original Avengers lineup was untouched by early deaths.

Natasha's New Career

After Black Widow finally hit theaters and Disney+, fans were met with plenty of new content to joke about from the film's actual events. One particularly hilarious moment comes in the scene wherein Natasha breaks her own nose, momentarily looking as if she is about to begin beatboxing.

After a year of being starved for content, fans were willing to turn any new Marvel project into a bonafide meme extravaganza, prompting plenty of over-the-top and hilarious jokes like this one, even if it meant turning one of the MCU's most beloved Avengers into a beatboxer.

The Worst Crossover

Many fans may remember the cultural landscape in the summer of 2021, as audiences prepared for the release of several long-delayed projects, including Black Widow and F9: The Fast Saga. The latter of these films inspired a series of rather uninspired memes wherein audiences made fun of the franchise's intense focus on family.

This Tweet imagines Vin Diesel's Dominic Torretto intruding on Natasha's family dinner to boast the importance of family, imagining an inter-franchise crossover that no one asked for or wanted. Nevertheless, fans in 2021 were simply happy to be returning to their favorite franchises.NEXT: Marvel: 10 Ways The MCU Has Changed Since Phase One