10 Unpopular Opinions About Disney Movies, According To Reddit

Ever since Encanto was released in November 2021, Disney fans have been clamoring for the studio's next animated movie, and they'll get their wish, as sci-fi adventure Strange World arrives this November. Disney has an incredible batting average when it comes to their magical animated movies, and it looks like Strange World will continue that success.

However, not everyone thinks that Disney is infallible. Not including any of the studios that Disney owns, such as LucasFilm, Pixar, and Marvel Studios, Redditors have divulged their most unpopular opinions about the studio's own animated films. Between despising some iconic characters and preferring the direct-to-DVD films to the theatrical ones, Disney has inspired Reddit's hottest takes yet.


Disney And Pixar Have Become The Same Studio

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DaveSimonH thinks that Disney has borrowed too much from Pixar that it's hard to differentiate each studio's movies. The Redditor complains, "Recent output from Disney and Pixar is basically interchangeable. They used to be distinct products, but unless its a sequel to an existing property, I now have a hard time telling which is which."

Disney has produced some movies in the past 10 years that are clearly influenced by the beloved animation studio. Wreck-It Ralph uses existing video game characters and brings them to life in a way that's eerily similar to Toy Story, and Zootopia's world-building harkens back to classics like Monsters Inc. However, those films do enough to stand on their own, and they still have that optimistic sheen to them.

Robin Hood Is The Studio's Best

Robin Hood holds bow in Robin Hood

There have been so many different Robin Hood adaptations, whether it's one of Ridley Scott's most expensive movies or the more recent and completely inaccurate 2018 release. It's seemingly rather difficult to make an exciting and critically acclaimed movie about the Prince of Thieves, as they almost always bomb, but Uncultured_swine2099 thinks Disney's version isn't just great, but that it's the studio's best film.

The Redditor explains, "Robin Hood is my favorite Disney animation. It just got a chill vibe." The movie replaces all the human characters with animals, and it's surprising that it didn't become a formula for future Disney movies, as there's a pocket of fans who adore the 1973 release.

2D Movies Should Return

Genie in Aladdin

Grunut04 wants to see the return of 2D films, noting, "Disney should do 2D movies again, not abandoning 3D but do both." The Redditor is referring to not just 2D movies, but hand-drawn films too, as there can still be 2D movies that are animated, but they end up looking cheap and flat like The Top Cat Movie.

In fairness, 2D movies are almost as hard to produce as digitally animated movies, as animators have to draw every single frame, and some of them can be astonishingly detailed. Nevertheless, hand-drawn movies add an aesthetic to films that simply can't be imitated with clean and glossy digital movies, and it is a look that's dearly missed by cinephiles.

Roger Rabbit Is The Height Of Disney's Greatness

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This user argues, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the true height of Disneys greatness. Helped bring in the 90s renaissance and was a good homage to the Golden age of Hollywood" The movie is notable for so many reasons, and it set a ton of precedents too. It was the first feature-length theatrically released movie to mix live-action with animation. It's also the first and only movie that sees Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny on the screen together.

And even though other movies like Space Jam pulled off the same trick, no other movie has done it as well as Roger Rabbit in the 34 years since. It's a bold movie and it would have been great to see Disney take more risks like the 1988 release. Unfortunately, they went down the safer route.

Cinderella 3 Is The Best Cinderella Movie

Cinderella 3

Along with making huge beloved classics, Disney had tons of success from releasing much smaller-budgeted sequels direct-to-DVD. When it comes to the quality, there were mixed results, as The Lion King 1.5 is a fun spin-off, but Mulan II is one of the few movies with a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. But AshlynWednesday thinks Cinderella 3 is not only great but even better than the original movie.

The Redditor claims, "Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time is a better movie than the first Cinderella. Better/interesting characters and just overall more imaginative". The user might have watched it when they were young and is looking at the threequel through nostalgia goggles, as A Twist in Time has consistently low ratings across the board.

Moana Is Better Than Frozen


Moana and Frozen are two of Disney's biggest success stories of the 2010s, as Moana made almost $645 million and Frozen made a phenomenal almost $1.3 billion, which is a huge feat for an original movie that isn't a part of an IP. Because the two movies were Disney's tentpole releases of the time, this user pits the two against one another.

The Redditor argues, "Moana and its songs are substantially better than Frozen." That isn't so much of a hot take, as Moana has a higher score than Frozen on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. However, there's no doubt that Frozen is still the way more popular film of the two, and the user thinks undeservedly so. But the 2013 romantic animated movie at least deserves credit for flipping Disney cliches on their head.

Disney Ruined The Hercules Ending

Hercules Disney Film

Mosepipe doesn't have anything good to say about Hercules' ending. And while Disney's hand-drawn animation is missed, the Redditor thinks the movie should have been more CGI. The user argues, "Disney fumbled the ending with Hercules. Up until the final act, it's up there with one of the best Disney films. They stuck with traditional animation for the attack of the titans, and it shows."

To be fair to the Redditor, the movie switched to CGI for the fight with Hydra, so there's no reason why it couldn't have done the same with the Titans. And when it comes to the narrative, it's no secret that Disney drastically changed Hercules for the animated movie, as it's completely unfaithful to the source material. But if the studio did follow the Greek mythology more closely, it wouldn't have been a Disney movie at all but a disturbing and horrific Shakespearean-like tragedy.

Bolt Is Underrated

Puppy Bolt holding a carrot toy

Whether it's The Secret Life of Pets or the newly released DC League of Super-Pets, animated movies about talking animals are always hits with general audiences. But KieshaK thinks that one wasn't as highly-regarded as it should have been, noting, "Bolt is highly underrated." The movie is just as sweet and entertaining as every other pet-centric animated film, as it follows the titular dog who firmly believes he has superpowers.

However, Bolt had a hugely positive reception when it was released, as it got 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. But it is certainly overlooked, and it underperformed at the box office too. The 2008 movie isn't mentioned that often when talking about Disney movies and discussing the best ones. Bolt absolutely deserves to be in that conversation.

The Aristocats Has Disney's Best Music


The Aristocats is a very musical film about a group of aristocratic cats who are saved by an alley cat when they're kidnapped by their butler. Along with the interesting concept, Yutainumaki thinks that the 1970 movie has Disney's best animation, positing, "The Aristocats has the most beautiful animation of any Disney animated movie. The way it looks like a painting is breathtaking."

The Redditor also mentions that the film has the best music of any Disney movie. Films like The Aristocats have sadly been forgotten, especially when it comes to their music. In a world where animated movies' songs sound good enough to be pop songs and even make the charts, scrappy music that features in movies like The Aristocats is unfortunately overlooked.

Olaf Is The Jar-Jar Binks Of Frozen

Olaf is one of the best supporting comic relief characters of any Disney movie, or at least that's the general consensus. But Sventhewombat thinks he's exactly the opposite, comparing him to one of the most hated characters in cinema history. The Redditor argues, "I maintain that Olaf is the Jar-Jar Binks of Frozen."

The Star Wars: The Phantom Menace character is endlessly criticized for the way it looks, its clumsy demeanor, and annoying voice. But, interestingly enough, Olaf is praised for all the same reasons. However, it's the context that makes all the difference, as Olaf fits in with the tone of Frozen.

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