10 TV Shows Redditors Are Completely Done With

The Walking Dead is set to conclude on November 20, 2022, bringing to an end a 12-year run, but the series lost quite a bit of its viewership over the last few years. The Walking Dead is among the shows that many people feel went on too long, and it’s interesting to see which others qualify.

Redditors have been vocal about the shows they have simply been done with, ranging from scripted series like The Flash to reality TV such as The Bachelor. Redditors tend to be very opinionated about their reasons, so it’s worth checking out what made them sign off on the shows that they once liked.


America's Got Talent (2006-)

America's Got Talent posing for a photo

While it’s common to see America’s Got Talent listed as one of the best talent shows, the series has gone on long enough to carry the same aspect forward all the time. Redditor Mal2k4 claims that it has “devolved into how much pity you can garner from the judges and audience.”

There have been quite a lot of emotional tales in the audition process of America’s Got Talent, so it’s understandable why the Redditor has gotten annoyed by it. While the stories are no doubt important to the people who have lived through them, it can get tiresome to watch the show recount the talents’ tales rather than focus on their performances.

Dr. Phil (2002-)

Dr. Phil sitting with his guests

Redditor blueskies1800 has gotten tired of Dr. Phil because they think it “feels like it is a giant infomercial.” The series features Dr. Phil bringing guests and conducting sessions, but there are a lot of sequences where he promotes the activities of his family.

The Redditor feels that the show tends to pile things on where promoting things like Dr. Phil on Demand are concerned and is done with all the advertisement. It can be annoying to watch Dr. Phil talk up about things revolving around his family for those who just want to see the guests’ stories.

The Flash (2014-)

The Flash standing with his team

The Flash will be ending its run in 2023, but the show has already worn out its welcome for some. Redditor themonkery thinks the reason is that episodes tend to be about “silly emotional drama, with some silly villain, with some made up science.”

This outline worked in the earlier seasons of The Flash, which has since become repetitive and tedious for much of its fanbase. The series has gathered additional drama that is hard to believe, such as Barry’s time-traveling daughter and villain-of-the-week foes that don’t raise the stakes. Some members of the fandom have even come up with The Flash memes to address the over-the-top nature of the series.

Grey's Anatomy (2005-)

Grey's Anatomy characters in the ER

Quite a few feel that the good characters in Grey’s Anatomy aren’t enough to validate the show’s continued existence. Redditor aestheticallyfaaun feels the series has gotten too melodramatic, writing that Grey’s Anatomy is “too much of an emotional roller coaster.”

Considering Meredith and her friends have been involved in tragedies like a hospital shooting, several car crashes, plane crashes, drownings, and many more, it’s understandable why viewers have had their fill. Grey’s Anatomy also tends to come up with rather bizarre ways to break up couples, and almost two decades of this appears to be enough.

The Walking Dead (2010-22)

Maggie and Daryl in the woods in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead will be coming to an end in November, although the reason for the lack of interest in recent times stretches a few years back. Redditor azzlike-Way9882 writes that they stopped watching when “they killed Carl and then shipped off the main protagonist of the past 9 seasons.”

Of all the great characters in The Walking Dead, Carl and Rick were seen as the main heroes. The latter was the designated protagonist whose departure was a major blow. Carl was groomed as his successor, only for him to be killed off. The Walking Dead has tried to shift focus to other characters, but its heyday was years ago.

The Simpsons (1989-)

The Simpsons at a cookout

Redditor JDNM feels that The Simpsons had some of the best writing in its first decade but has“ been obnoxiously bad for far longer than it was ever good.” The show has been on for 30 years by now, of which The Simpsons received its best praise about two decades ago.

It’s difficult to keep the quality up for so long, so it’s understandable why The Simpsons is far past its peak. But the Redditor thinks that the show has insisted upon staying on the air when it should just close its door rather than continue its downturn in quality.

NCIS (2003-)

NCIS team walking toward the camera

NCIS is now in its nineteenth season, which is an incredible achievement. But certain viewers have had enough due to the characters’ tendency to accuse anyone they’re interrogating to be guilty. Redditor luveykat is annoyed by NCIS “because the main characters somehow magically know who’s the guilty party.”

The series has gone on so long that the protagonists seem to have a sixth sense about who to accuse, which takes away the shock value that NCIS once excelled at. Moreover, the Redditor doesn’t like how just about everyone is treated as being guilty by the characters.

The Blacklist (2013-)

James Spader with his daughter at a party in The Blacklist

Redditor cormack16 thinks that The Blacklist was “fun for the first couple of seasons but these last couple have truly felt like a chore.” The show started out with the interesting dynamic of criminal Raymond Reddington partnered with FBI agent Liz Keen whose novelty wore off over the years, especially when Liz was killed off.

The Blacklist has developed the habit of leaving out bait-and-switch storylines about Red’s real identity, and it’s easy to see why the Redditor feels like it’s a chore nearly a decade afterward. The gripping nature of the show’s premise was bound to falter when the outline kept dragging along.

Riverdale (2017-)

Teenagers standing in a forest in Riverdale

Riverdale has been notorious for veering far away from its teen drama elements to now include supernatural storylines. Redditor MyFamilyHatesMyFam claims that the show realized it “was way too over the top, and then decided to see how far it could go.”

Riverdale has let go of the stories revolving around Archie and his friends’ teenage struggles in favor of plotlines, such as whodunit murder mysteries to magical covens. This has caused the original fanbase to become disillusioned with Riverdale and many see it as something of a satire now.

The Bachelor (2002-)

The Bachelor standing with his prospective love interests

While a significant viewership remains for The Bachelor, Redditors like dementedfurbie have had enough because “the final couples never last - absolutely pointless.” The Bachelor’s success rate is extremely low, with very few romances actually lasting after the season ends.

This has led to The Bachelor being considered a one-and-done show that only creates enough interest for a singular season without the couples truly falling in love. Certain viewers have also been frustrated with The Bachelor’s tendency to focus on amorous moments over emotional depth.

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