10 TV Cancelations That Are Still Frustrating, According To Reddit

When The Wilds was canceled after two seasons, fans of the young adult drama were upset to not be able to continue watching the survivors of a plane crash's stories continue. It's always sad when a TV series is canceled when there is still an audience ready to eager to watch more seasons, as viewers aren't ready to say goodbye to fleshed out characters, mysterious or comforting storylines, and wise dialogue.

Redditors have discussed the TV series that they never wanted to end as these cancelations are still upsetting all of this time later. From sitcoms to teen dramas and a horror adaptation of a beloved acclaimed film, these series were taken off the air or streaming services when many fans still wanted more.


The OA (2016-2019)

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Brit Marling and Jason Isaacs in The OA Season 1

The OA was canceled after two seasons and viewers are still sad over not being able to see more of Prairie Johnson/Brit's story. The series is packed with surprises and it really has to be seen to be believed. Redditor Gogulator called it "the most mind sucking and captivating TV show I've ever watched" and added, "Binged it so hard.... I will forever be upset."

Fans miss The OA thanks to its strong plotlines, big twists, and the fact that it is unlike any other show out there. It's rare to be completely shocked by the direction that a show is going in. It feels safe to say that the next season or two of The OA would definitely add even more detail to this already packed story.

Veronica Mars (2004-2019)

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Veronica Mars smiling on Veronica Mars

Redditor sassyladychef said "Veronica Mars (the original TV series)" is one of the saddest TV show cancelations. Redditor Jigawatts42 replied, "The first season of Veronica Mars is one of the greatest single seasons of television ever made."

There have been several teen dramas focusing on high schoolers solving mysteries, but there's a special spark to Kristen Bell's main character. Veronica is savvy and never takes people and situations at face value, and her relationship with her dad Keith is so heartfelt.

Hannibal (2013-2015)

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Hannibal holds a fork and wine glass in Hannibal

Fans of Silence of the Lambs embraced Hannibal and Mads Mikkelsen's portrayal of the cannibalistic killer Hannibal Lector. Redditor SuvenPan posted that the series was "sadly canceled after only three perfect" seasons and one Redditor added, "That show was fantastic. Pulp, horror, pretentious."

It's rare for the TV adaptation of a popular single movie or film franchise to be really good and vice versa, as sometimes the premise and characters fall flat or don't translate as well. This time, Hannibal is just as riveting and scary as the original story as this villain never gets tiresome to watch.

Freaks And Geeks (1999-)

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Linda Cardellini as Lindsay Weir smiling in Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks aired for one season and fans are still disappointed that Lindsay Weir and her friends' storylines couldn't continue. It's always comforting watching Lindsay bond with her classmates and figure out who she is.

Redditor Storlaxstolemysocks mentioned sadness over the cancelation of the series and wrote, "This is always my answer. It was ahead of it time and so good. One season was not enough." Freaks and Geeks has relatable quotes and speaks to how difficult, awkward, and all-consuming being a teenager can be, and fans still enjoy watching it.

Happy Endings (2011-2013)

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The main characters sitting at a bar table in Happy Endings

While there are countless sitcoms about friend groups living in cities and trying to make their love and work lives into what they want, there's something special that stands out about Happy Endings. Redditor odabeejones said that it has "an amazing cast" and added, "I wish Hulu or Netflix would bring it back."

This particular friend group is especially hilarious and goofy and manages to stay as close as ever even after Alex Kerkovich decides that she doesn't want to marry Dave Rose after all. This would normally ruin relationships, but instead, everyone bands together and cares deeply about being there for each other. Penny Hartz is an especially memorable, quirky character who has a disaster of a romantic life but who remains hopeful that she will find The One.

Archive 81 (2022-)

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Dan Turner looking scared in Archive 81

Redditor masterdoktah shared, "Archive 81 was too good for it not to continue. I absolutely loved the use of analogue horror." There are several reasons why this show was canceled too early, including the well-written characters, great script, and the cliffhanger season 1 ending.

As Dan Turner is hired to work on a strange and compelling project of restoring old tapes, he becomes increasingly isolated and confused as he sees something supernatural. Dan is a smart and moving character and watching him unravel the mystery of Melody Pendras and her video footage is a lot of fun.

Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019)

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Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet

Redditor kurtkuds mentioned that "Santa Clarita Diet" is a show that should never have been canceled. There are only three seasons and unfortunately, there was no real and proper conclusion, so fans were left hanging about Joel, Sheila and Abby Hammond's predicament.

Santa Clarita Diet moves past zombie cliches, which is one reason why viewers wish that there was at least one more season. Watching Sheila become a zombie is fascinating as she lives in the suburbs and this isn't happening during an apocalyptic society.

I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

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Sydney and Stanley walking in I am Not Okay With This.

The Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This tells the story of Sydney Novak, a teenager who realizes that she has telekinesis. The series looks at loss, family, friendship, love, sex, and the everyday pains of high school life.

Redditor ephemeralafterall wrote of the show's cancelation, "That was a painful one: because they announced season two and then cancelled it. A real shame." It's particularly tough to think about this series as season 1 ends on a cliffhanger that is strange, smart and mysterious, suggesting a compelling season 2.

Great News (2017-2018)

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Portia and Katie looking surprised at the office on Great News

Great News is a hilarious workplace sitcom where a mother and daughter work at the same news station. Redditor VisibleFeeCar considers this a sad cancelation and wrote, "It was fun to watch."

Over two seasons, Katie Wendelson tries to get promoted as she's passionate about her broadcast news job at The Breakdown and her mom, Carol, becomes an intern. Rounding out the cast of characters are the co-anchor Portia Scott-Griffith, who is ditzy but still has some character development.

The Society (2019)

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The teenagers standing in the forest in The Society

It's scary enough for teenagers to learn that there are no grown-ups anymore and they are all alone in their small town. It's even more terrifying when the characters begin fighting, forming groups, and one of them, Becca Gelb, is pregnant. The Society has a great hook as the high school students in West Ham, Connecticut wonder why the adults around them have disappeared.

Redditor frontloopsbestie wrote in a thread, "I've never been so upset over a show cancellation," and many fans of The Society feel the same way. The season 1 finale hints at a few answers as to why the teenagers find themselves in this place, but a second season would have been able to flesh out the mystery more.

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