10 Superstore Episodes That Fans Never Watch More Than Once

Superstore is one of NBC's most beloved sitcoms, even a year after the show ended. It follows the many employees of a big-box store called Cloud 9 in Missouri and their daily lives inside and outside the store.

Since the show's end after six seasons in 2021, fans have been rewatching the show from the start, and are finding that some episodes are better to rewatch than others. No matter how popular, every sitcom has its less favorable episodes that would rather be skipped over, and Superstore is no exception.


10 Health Fund (Season 3, Episode 6)

Amy pointing at a board

In yet another episode that proved far too relatable for most viewers, this episode is often ignored by fans. It sees the Cloud 9 Crew trying to combat the terrible health care plan the workers have after Mateo complains of an ear infection, and is unable to visit the doctor.

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The workers scramble to try and come up with a solution for Mateo, but nothing seems to work. Even the in-store pharmacist is unable to help. All in all, it's a funny episode, but one with too many stark reminders of the real world for a sitcom.

9 Ground Rules (Season 6, Episode 8)

Dina talking to Garrett and Brian

Dina and Garrett are a fan favorite for relationships in the show. Hence, why this episode is often avoided during re-watches, it sees Dina trying to navigate her relationship with Brian the vet.

Garrett is unwillingly stuck between Dina and Brian, trying to help his friend, while hiding his true feelings for Dina. Dina and Garrett have been on again off again since the show's premiere, but fans weren't keen on Brian, which is why this episode doesn't quite hit the mark for most viewers. It's a little awkward and forgettable.

8 Carol's Back (Season 5, Episode 19)

Carol in the warehouse break room, smirking on Superstore

Carol is a polarizing character on the show. Some fans love her, some hate her, therefore any episode that focuses on her is bound to be hit or miss.

In this episode, as the title suggests, Carol comes back to work after her suspension for trying to kill Sandra's cat.

Elsewhere, Jonah and Cheyenne are trying to raise minimum wage for the employees. While it's an important episode in the grand scheme of characters throughout season 5, it's one that fans grew bored with, especially those who have strong feelings about Carol.

7 Myrtle (Season 5, Episode 12)

Myrtle looking at a hologram of herself

It's revealed that Myrtle, a long-standing employee of the store, passed away. The store is dealing with the loss of a friend and colleague, something that fans felt was too serious for the light-hearted nature of the show.

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Elsewhere, Dina is on a mission to reunite with her dad. This side story ends poorly for Dina who finds out her dad is a deadbeat and hasn't changed in years. Overall, the message of this episode is sad with no real silver lining, making it one that fans usually skip over.

6 Mannequin (Season 1, Episode 4)

Jonah standing next to a Mannequin of himself

Superstore usually has pretty good running jokes, but the one in this episode was a little boring. The main gag is the mannequin the employees find that looks like Jonah.

Throughout the show, they dress it in certain ways and put it around the story to make fun of Jonah. That's arguably the funniest thing in the entire episode, making it fall a bit short compared to other episodes. The episode turns awkward from there when Jonah tries to get his own back. As with most sitcoms, there are a few episodes per season that fall short and don't quite hit the mark, and this was one of them.

5 Lady Boss (Season 5, Episode 11)

Cheyenne and Mateo standing infront of a Lady Boss/Feminist mannequin display

This episode is a prime example of Jonah's character flaws. Jonah is usually a much beloved character, although he does have his moments of annoyance.

Jonah tries to set up a pro-feminist mannequin display, which frustrates the men in the store. Jonah's intentions were good, but as is often the case with his character, he tends to speak over people instead of listening to them, which is exactly what he did in this episode. Sometimes he tries a little too hard, rubbing viewers the wrong way.

4 Conspiracy (Season 6, Episode 9)

Dina and Glenn standing at the front of a staff meeting

This episode is another one that isn't bad, or hard to watch, but rather it's simply forgettable. Season 6 had the difficult task of wrapping up everyone's storylines, seeing as it was the last season, and it seemed like they couldn't afford to waste any time or episodes on filler content.

However, this episode felt exactly like that. There was no real substance to the episode, instead it felt a little rushed and easy to skip over.

3 Testimonials (Season 5, Episode 2)

Superstore employees stood outside ICE detention centre for Mateo

In another episode that was too real for viewers, fans have found themselves less likely to rewatch this certain episode. Jonah is attempting to throw Sandra an engagement party, but the main theme of this episode is Mateo's arrest.

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Amy tries to gather character testimonies for Mateo, who has been arrest by ICE for immigration laws. It's played off as a joke, but for many, it hits too close to home. Although the episode does have a happier ending, with Mateo being released on bond, it still isn't a fan favorite.

2 Golden Globes (Season 3, Episode 9)

Dina stood in the middle of Amy's living room, surrounded by Cloud 9 employees, yelling

The best episodes of Superstore are ones that take place in the actual store. This one takes place at Amy's house, which already feels a little jarring compared to the usual scenery.

Added to this, is the melancholy mood hanging over Amy as she's going through a divorce with her husband. Amy's divorce storyline is one that grows old for some fans, especially those rooting for Amy and Jonah's relationship. Fans have expressed their preference for episodes set in the actual store, which makes this one they're more likely to not re-watch.

1 Essential (Season 6, Episode 1)

Sandra, Jonah and Mateo stood wearing COVID-19 face masks

Almost every show that was on air throughout the COVID-19 pandemic had to address it and deal with it somehow. However, that doesn't mean that fans liked the episode.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this episode, fans have expressed their fatigue with episodes around the pandemic, especially given how recent and raw it is for so many people. This episode was essential for the show and its storylines, but it's one that most fans don't find themselves rewatching, not wanting reminders of living through the pandemic.

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