10 Spider-Man Moments Comic Fans Want To Forget

Spider-Man has been one of Marvel's most beloved characters for many years, and the recent re-release of Spider-Man: No Way Home proves that. That a movie about this one hero could match the success of major team-ups of other Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes shows the overall appeal of the Wall-Crawler.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Spider-Man to be someone that readers could relate to, a teenager with real-world problems who had to learn how to be a superhero. However, through the years, different creative teams tried different things with Spider-Man, and many of them fell flat and fans hated it. These are moments that most Spider-Man fans just want to forget.


10 The Clone Saga

Spider-Man in the clone saga issue 149.

When Spider-Man fans look at the most polarizing storylines of the character's history, The Clone Saga used to rise to the top of the list. Honestly, this could have been a great story, with Jackal creating clones of Spider-Man's beloved friends, making it appear they were coming back from the dead.

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Sadly, things went off the rails. It ended with two characters running around, both thinking they were Peter Parker. One died, the other lived, and it was over. Except it wasn't. The reason fans hate this so much is that the clone didn't die, and lived as Spider-Man for a long time before the real Peter Parker returned. Marvel Comics pulled the wool over readers' eyes, and it didn't turn out well.

9 Brand New Day

Mephisto appears in One More Day comics.

The Brand New Day storyline made fans even angrier than The Clone Saga. In the One More Day storyline, Peter Parker made a deal with Mephisto to give up his marriage to Mary Jane Watson in exchange for saving Aunt May's life. That did not go over well with fans.

After this, Peter started over and Amazing Spider-Man rebooted with new characters, new love interests, a returning Harry Osborne, and more. All fans wanted was Mary Jane and Peter back, and this storyline remains one of Spider-Man's most hated for fans.

8 Spider-Man Joins Tony Stark's Side In Civil War

Spider-Man Civil War Iron Man Banter

The Civil War storyline was controversial because it put the superheroes against each other for a long time, and forced readers to choose sides. For Spider-Man, Iron Man convinced him to choose his side, even though his past made it more likely he would side with Captain America.

This didn't end well. Spider-Man saw all the bad things Iron Man was doing, and quit. This put him as a fugitive since you were with Tony or against him, and ended up with Aunt May getting shot, which led to Brand New Day.

7 The Final Chapter

Peter Parker sobs on the bed of his Aunt May in Marvel Comics.

The deal with Mephisto was bad, with Spider-Man trading his marriage for Aunt May's life. One wonders if May would even have wanted that. However, this wasn't the only time that May seemingly died, and the first time was just as bad.

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Marvel Comics wanted to get rid of Aunt May and had her die while surrounded by her loved ones, including Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and even clone Ben Reilly outside the window. What made something fans want to forget is that Green Goblin faked May's death, and it was an actress that looked like May who died, and Peter never realized the difference.

6 Changes

Spider-Man busts out of an egg in Changes

One of the most impressive changes to Spider-Man's lore was that he wasn't randomly bit by a radioactive spider, but was chosen as the hero of Earth-616 for the spider-totem. While that was interesting, a lesser interesting storyline came when Peter became an actual spider creature.

This was Changes and a villain called the Queen could control insect genes, which meant controlling Peter, and she turned him into a giant spider. What made most fans want to pretend this never happened was when Peter ended up pregnant and died after lying eggs. One egg then gave birth to Peter Parker.

5 Gwen Stacy & Norman Osborn

Gwen Stacy gets kissed by Norman Osborne before he becomes the Green Goblin

One of the most significant stories in Spider-Man history came when the Green Goblin kidnaped Gwen Stacy and then dropped her from a bridge. When Spider-Man tried to save her, she snapped her neck and died. Spider-Man lost his greatest love.

However, in the storyline Sins Past, Marvel went back and looked at the incident and destroyed everything that fans loved about Gwen. The woman Peter loved above all had an affair with Norman Osborn and ended up pregnant, delivering his kids. That is why he killed her, and it spoiled that entire brilliant original story.

4 Spider-Man Made Out With Gwen Stacy's Daughter

Sarah Stacy in Spider-Man

It is bad enough that Gwen Stacy had an affair with Norman Osborn behind Peter Parker's life and then had his twins. However, what makes it worse was when Sarah Stacy, Gwen and Norman's daughter, learned Peter wasn't her dad and developed an attraction to him.

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Fans are mostly forgiving of who Peter dates, and often don't even mind if he goes back to Black Cat when he and Mary Jane break things off. However, when Peter made out with Gwen's daughter and Mary Jane walked in on them, that was a moment no Spider-Man fan wants to remember.

3 Spider-Man Killed Charlemagne

Spider-Man kills Charlemagne

If there is one thing that Spider-Man doesn't do, it is kill. However, he did just that while he was in Germany with Ned Leeds investigating a case for the Daily Bugle. Things didn't go well because the real Hobgoblin sent some thugs to kill Ned, who most people ended up thinking was Hobgoblin.

However, after this Spider-Man teamed with Wolverine to find the killers. What they found was an assassin who wanted out, a former lover of Wolverine named Charlemagne. She wanted Wolverine to kill her, but he wouldn't. Spider-Man showed up and in confusion began fighting Wolverine. When his former lover came up behind Spider-Man, he punched her with his superhuman strength, and she died. Just the thought of Spider-Man killing someone is a memory most fans want to forget.

2 Aunt May & Doctor Octopus' Wedding

Aunt May marries Doc Ock

Marvel Comics never treated Aunt May with respect early in Amazing Spider-Man comics. The creative teams always portrayed her as old and feeble, with an unhealthy fear of almost everything. When she almost married Doctor Octopus, they made her look completely clueless as well.

Aunt May remained scared to death of Spider-Man, but she was ready to march down the aisle and marry a man with metal arms who had been a known supervillain for years. Spider-Man ruined the wedding and saved her, but no one wants to remember Aunt May from this controversial comic book moment.

1 Peter Parker Hit Mary Jane Watson

Peter hits a pregnant Mary Jane in Spectacular Spider-Man #226

When Hank Pym hit his wife Janet Van Dyne, Marvel Comics fans never forgave him. While he had a nervous breakdown, Hank picked up the moniker of a wife beater and carried that with him throughout his entire existence. Spider-Man fans conveniently forget that Peter hit Mary Jane, and it was almost the same shot.

This happened in Spectacular Spider-Man #226 when Peter learned he was the real Spider-Man and the clone had lived his life all this time. He attacked Ben, accusing him of stealing his life and when his pregnant wife Mary Jane tried to stop him, he knocked her across the room. Peter immediately snapped out of it, but it was too little, too late.

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