10 Recent MTV Challenge Competitors Redditors Want On The Show Again

Before The Challenge’s upcoming premiere of season 38, Redditors have been looking back on the most recent seasons since The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 to determine which competitors they want to return.

Many competitors were discussed for their athletic ability or social game, and some just because the audience enjoyed them. Overwhelmingly, Redditors missed challengers from the UK who had been majorly highlighted on both seasons of War of the Worlds and Total Madness. However, they were not the only competitors missed by The Challenge audience.


10 Rogan O’Connor

Rogan O'Connor in The Challenge

Introduced on The Challenge: Vendettas, Rogan from Ex on the Beach UK quickly became iconic after gassing out running, resulting in him being purged from the competition immediately. After that, Rogan worked to overcome that moment on the mountain.

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Jflatty7151 wants him to return because the Challenge is “missing the fact that a lot of them were good for the show, British or not.” After seasons of UK vs. USA competition, the spy theme seemed to win out as Challenge Brits appeared less.

9 Amanda Garcia

Amanda Garcia in a confessional on The Challenge

As one of the best villains on The Challenge, Amanda may be a controversial choice to return. However, for some, it’s simple as International-Low842 says, “Just give me Amanda.” While she may not be the best and most athletic competitor, she always adds an interesting dynamic to The Challenge house and its political game.

While some may call her “The Devil,” Amanda constantly competes for the best interest of her family. Between her entertaining chaos and her good reasons for competing, fans want to see Amanda.

8 Theo Campbell

Theo Campbell The Challenge

Theo from Love Island UK went competed on both seasons of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, where he quickly became a fan favorite. Theo had to stop competing after an accident left him blind in one eye because he hasn’t been able to be medically cleared for competition.

SassySweetTalker lists Theo among “some of the best UK members to be a part of The Challenge Universe. Everything from their athleticism, confessionals and drama were top-notch.” If Theo is ever medically cleared, fans will be more than happy to welcome him back.

7 Nehemiah Clark

Nehemiah Clark in The Challenge

While Nehemiah has returned to compete on The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+, Redditors are ready to see him compete with the current MTV cast, given his performance across his seasons of All Stars.

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DgentPR says, “He was the best he’s ever been on AS3, I was thrilled to see him finally flourish and his bromance with Wes rules.” Showing the level he can compete at in All Stars next to Wes proved he could just as easily fit in the main show’s competition.

6 Cara Maria Sorbello

Cara Maria Sorbello

While Cara Maria wasn’t the most popular challenger amongst fans in her last few seasons, she remains one of the most dominant players according to elimination wins. Remarkable-Pair-3840 says they would like to see Cara Maria return because “a non-ct/bananas majority female-led alliance needs to happen again.

Every time a female strong alliance occurs, production stops it from happening again.” The Challenge audience hasn’t seen many continuous female alliances outside the “Lavender Ladies,” so they think Cara could be a good choice to lead another group of women to victory.

5 Kelz Dyke

Kelz Dyke from The Challenge

Kelz’s rookie Challenge season was Spies, Lies & Allies, where he was thrown into the second elimination and lost. Fans saw Kelz’s potential despite his short time on The Challenge.

Ivaron says, “We didn’t get a whole lot of his humor and personality on SLA, but he was one of the best parts of his season of Too Hot to Handle.” Not only did Challenge fans see he could be a strong challenger, but those who knew him before know he has the personality to be a major player on the show.

4 Ed Eason

Ed Eason from The Challenge

From being one of the Circle players who deserved better, Ed became one of The Challenge players who deserved better. One Redditor says, “I’ve been waiting for someone to say Ed. He was so fun!”

Ed was a good time on Spies, Lies & Allies, who showed he had the brain and the ability to go far on The Challenge if given a chance. Winning fans over with his goofy personality, Ed is just an all-around good guy they can’t help but cheer for.

3 Georgia Harrison

Georgia Harrison on The Challenge reunion

Since her rookie season, War of the Worlds, Georgia showed she should never be underestimated for having first been on Love Island UK. In her two seasons of The Challenge, Georgia solidified her place as a female player always fans want to return.

KainoraKupo says, “I really miss Georgia, she was funny as hell.” Georgia was constantly making others laugh, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t a tough competitor too. Georgia refused to quit to the point that she had to be medically disqualified to stop her from finishing the final.

2 Jenny West

Jenny West from The Challenge

Originally from Survival of the Fittest, Jenny’s two Challenge seasons, War of the Worlds 2 and Total Madness, proved she really was one of the fittest. The Total Madness winner has been missed since that was her last Challenge appearance.

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Savvy-librarian names Jenny among players they want to see return because they looked for who “made for good television, were strong competitors, and helped to mix up politics and social games in the house.” Jenny checks all these boxes, making her a prime candidate for a strong return because fans couldn’t help but root for her.

1 Corey Lay

Corey Lay in The Challenge

In his rookie Challenge season, Spies, Lies & Allies, Corey from 12 Dates of Christmas showed to be a bigger threat in the competition than people expected, especially when partnered with Michele Fitzgerald from Survivor.

TimTumTim24 says Corey has some “messy fun potential from last season, and [he’s] probably a better competitor...” Only making it to the fourth elimination, The Challenge’s audience didn’t get a lot of opportunities to see what Corey can do, but his potential is exciting when it comes to considering whether he will return.