10 Most Powerful Abomination Variants In Marvel Comics

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law reintroduces Emil Blonsky, better known to Marvel Comics fans as Abomination. The version in the new streaming series differs somewhat from the original depicted in the 2008 Incredible Hulk featuring Edward Norton, something the show slyly points out. Abomination evolves a lot in the comics and many powerful variants exist in the multiverse.

Some Abomination variants stick close to the core concept, while others change up major details about the character, including his identity. Other people besides Blonsky appear as Abomination in the comics, including popular Hulk supporting character Rick Jones, who is sure to appear in live-action himself as more gamma-powered characters emerge.


10 Teen Abomination

Teen Abomination fights Superior Iron Man in Marvel Comics.

Teen Abomination emerged in 2014, first appearing in Superior Iron Man #1. The son of Happy Hogan gained all the superhuman strength and endurance of the Emil Blonsky Abomination, though to a much lesser degree. His limited strength, while formidable, contributed to Iron Man handily defeating him in his first appearance.

Comic book fans know the Superior Iron Man possesses advanced abilities, so Teen Abomination faced steep odds. He later joined the Howling Commandos alongside other powerful Marvel monster-like characters.

9 Abominatrix

Abominatrix attacks in Marvel Comics.

Though the comics don't provide much detail on Abominatrix's powers, she held her own with She-Hulk, who easily presses 25 tons or more. She battled She-Hulk in Las Vegas in The Sensational She-Hulk #21, using superhuman strength, speed, and agility to counter Jennifer Walters' considerable power.

Abominatrix gained her powers due to a failed medical experiment and the MCU She-Hulk series may provide a route for her to appear, as the third episode hints at the prospect of removing Abomination's ability to transform permanently.

8 Abomination (Earth-616)

Abomination appears for the first time in Tales To Astonish 90.

The original Abomination first appears in Tales To Astonish #90 and immediately makes his name against the Hulk. Abomination possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and agility on par with the Hulk, making him among the Hulk's most powerful villains. Abomination also enjoys a similar healing factor to the Hulk.

A major drawback for Abomination, at least in his early comic appearances in the late 1960s, involved the fact his strength didn't increase with his anger. This limited him in comparison to his rival.

7 Aberration

Aberration appears in Marvel Comics.

Aberration possessed the powers of the regular Abomination, including the ability to hibernate. She simply shuts down as Blonsky does, requiring no food or even oxygen for indefinite periods. A product of genetic experimentation derived from studying the original Abomination, she also wielded knowledge and skill in combat as a former soldier.

Her powers proved unstable. As she fought Lyra, among the most powerful She-Hulk versions in Marvel Comics, her body began to deform rapidly and Lyra killed her.

6 Tyrannus

Abomination emerges from a crater in Marvel Comics.

In The Incredible Hulk Annual #15 from 1986, the supervillain Tyrannus transferred his mind into Abomination, taking complete control of him. He instantly gained all Abomination's substantial powers, in addition to possessing telepathy and access to ancient, powerful technology developed by the Deviants.

Tyrannus also appears to be immortal. He began as Romulus Augustus in the Roman Empire and frequently uses a Fountain of Youth that maintains his relative youth thousands of years later.

5 Mess

Mess attacks Hulk in Marvel Comics.

Mess counts among the strongest Abomination variants thanks to her nearly defeating one of the strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics. In World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #4, she fought the armored, enraged Hulk with seeming ease. Her superhuman strength and durability derived from skin grafts cloned from the original Abomination.

She obtained the grafts after a catastrophic battle between the Hulk and Abomination cost her an arm, leg, and eye. Her tragic history with both characters makes sense in the legal context of She-Hulk, potentially opening the door to her appearing in the MCU.

4 Reginald Fortean


Reginald Fortean transformed into one of the most terrifying Abomination variants in Marvel Comics in The Immortal Hulk #21. When he touched the deceased Abomination's tissue, it came alive and consumed him, giving him the villain's gamma-based powers. He also gained effective immortality thanks to access to The Green Door.

Fortean generated a highly corrosive acid that could eat away the Hulk's skin. He also developed razor-sharp claws that adorned his fingers and the frightening mandibles framing his face.

3 Abominite

Abominite attacks in Amalgam Comics.

Abominite emerged from a wild crossover between Marvel and DC Comics in the 1990s. This character fused Abomination and Hellgrammite from DC Comics, giving the Amalgam Comics character both their powers. Both possess impressive superhuman strength and speed as well as agility, including leaping incredible distances.

Abominite likely also possessed Hellgrammite's ability to generate cocoons. These allowed him to regenerate as well as evolve into newer versions of the original character.

2 A-Bomb

Rick Jones transforms into A-Bomb in Marvel Comics.

Rick Jones makes a case for the most powerful Abomination variant in Marvel Comics. He transformed into a gargantuan blue version of the character thanks to The Leader and M.O.D.O.K's nefarious efforts, gaining incredible superhuman strength and durability. He also gained the power to project gamma radiation as energy, enough to melt through steel.

While his general powers already put him beyond most Abomination variants, Jones also possesses the Destiny Force. This energy field allows Jones to alter reality to such an extent he could defeat entire Skrull and Kree armies with a thought. This cosmic power sometimes eludes him, though, and isn't available for him to use freely.

1 Undead Abomination

Undead Abomination fights A-Bomb in Marvel Comics.

Despite A-Bomb's impressive power, he lost an arm to the Undead Abomination. Emil Blonsky died during the World War Hulk storyline, but a mysterious organization uses genetic material from Bruce Banner to resurrect Abomination. In the 2014 Hulk series, he returns even larger, stronger, and more durable than before as he proved against Rick Jones.

The undead Abomination lacks Blonsky's spirit or consciousness and consequently any sense of morality. He exists only to use his powers and to destroy the Hulk, which he nearly does in titanic battles that rank among the best involving the two heavyweights. This Abomination also couldn't die, forcing Iron Man to teleport him into deep space just to get rid of him.

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