10 Games That Are Totally Unplayable Without Mods

Modifications, or mods, are a huge part of the video gaming community. They might be cosmetic in nature, or could go to some lengths to fix bugs that are troubling gameplay, or like the instance of the new Spider-Man video game, Ninja Turtles mod, simply be created to cause amusement; but ultimately there are plenty of titles out there that many would deem unplayable without these fan-made customizations.

Of course, that notion that a release is unplayable might also be based on the fact that it's so much better with the mods; to go back is to essentially rid the title of all the elements that make it fun. There are sure to be debates surrounding modding in general, but from graphical upgrades to ridiculous additions, players should probably look into mods for these games.


10 Doom 64 (1997)

Doom 64

Doom 64 is an absolute classic, but it obviously doesn't hold up in comparison to the graphics and gameplay of the current generation. There have been a number of official re-releases and graphical updates, that allow this to be far more playable.

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However, the players have stepped up to craft their own mods, which aim to continue these improvements and even change the narrative to fit current gameplay desires. There are mods which actually shift the structure of the story, allowing the narrative to flow a little easier with Doom Eternalelements while remastering those tired visuals.

9 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

A chicken guard in Skyrim

It's fair to say that Skyrim might be one of the most modded games of all time. The original iteration feels somewhat vanilla when compared to what the modding community has been able to achieve with the release; and there are a few bugs that require ironing out through these unofficial patches.

But for those who have played the game modded, it never feels the same to go back to the original release. In recent years there's been a further campaign to improve on the best graphics of the dated title as well, although the anniversary edition will probably address some of those concerns.

8 Cities: Skylines (2015)

A screenshot of the city builder video game Cities: Skylines.

There are plenty of beloved sim-based games out there, but plenty of players have had to turn to mods in order to actually enjoy Cities: Skylines. As the title of the game suggests, gamers are tasked with creating their own urban landscape; a city of their dreams.

But the limitations within the sim, from the budgets to the developmental problems that can occur, have ultimately caused quite the headache. Most players will find Skylines far more enjoyable with mods that take away some of the pressures that have plagued fans, otherwise, there's sure to be an impassable boundary to be found.

7 Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2004)

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 Kreia

The Knights of the Old Republic saga is one of the most beloved entries into the Star Wars galaxy and the original release was revolutionary in its gameplay. While fans eagerly anticipate the remake of that first installment, the sequel game continues to be almost unplayable.

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Graphically it isn't much of an improvement on the first and always benefits from mods in that regard. However, in terms of the bugs, there are plenty of them, with the immersive experience of the RPG becoming damaged by the number of glitches that can be found. Mods are needed on every level here to make this game possible to play.

6 Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

The cyberpunk genre is packed full of stunning releases and fans were truly excited to see what Cyberpunk 2077 had to offer. But when it initially launched there were just too many problems with the title, which felt like it had been rushed out despite how it had been delayed, resulting in refunds and apologies from Cyber Projekt Red.

Since then the game has been improved. Graphically it's pretty gorgeous, but bugs still continue to surface now and again despite the studio stepping up to make fixes. So while the mods definitely help with the glitches that were experienced earlier in its release, it's also made the troubled gameplay experience a lot more fun with wacky and whimsical additions. Most players wouldn't go back to the traditional version of the release with mods ranging from background shifts to A.I. enhancements.

5 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (2004)

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines has a massive core following and a very healthy modding community. The game itself is really fun without any changes, but the unplayability comes in a few bugs that have surfaced for players, that had to be fixed via mods.

There are missions in the title that are almost impossible to complete for some fans, due to the glitches preventing them from making certain moves. Turning to mods is one of the few options to fixing it, but there's a lot of fun to be had with some of the others available on the market.

4 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

ET Atari

First launching on the Atari, the E.T. title based on the movie was a far cry from the magic that audiences had experienced on the big screen. It was unplayable in every aspect, from the visuals to the way in which the game actually handled. The release is an infamous disaster.

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Years on, there have been a lot of fans that have put together various mods that aimed to revive the long-dead project, and have done an admirable job. For some iterations, the alien character is actually the correct color and the challenges are a lot more reasonable to overcome.

3 Sonic Forces (2017)

An image of Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces grinning at the viewer.

There have been some woeful releases from the Sonic series across video game history, but the highly anticipated Sonic Forces was certainly a recent disappointment, and definitely not a good contender for any future cinematic adaptations.

From a mechanical perspective, none of the characters moved how they should, with the title becoming hard to control. The less said about some of the creative choices made visually, the better. Ultimately, many mods have been put in place that add a layer of life to this hard-done-by creation, adding a little bit of retro flare to the release.

2 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl (2007)

A soldier finds a downed helicopter outside Chernboyl in STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

While the title is definitely enjoyable, there's a reason that players continue to use mods when moving through the narrative. No matter how many official patches have been put in place, there are always other glitches and bugs to be found in this gorgeous title.

Graphically there are upgrades to still be made, although for its time period it's quite the visual marvel. But from the perspective of knowing that a gaming session can be uninterrupted from any potential problems, the mods are a must-have.

1 Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013)

Aliens: Colonial Marines video game artwork

Considering Alien is such a massive franchise, it seems unusual that more of a budget wasn't moved into this video game spinoff. But upon its release it was utterly clear that there was not enough focus on the game, resulting in plenty of problems and a visual style that was not befitting the era of its release.

Mods since the project's release onto the market have attempted to try and fix the multitude of errors that can be found in the game. Nowadays, with the correct changes, the game manages to fulfill its potential and is a much better overall experience in comparison to before.

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